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A Quick Lesson in Tickld

It has been an amazing journey for Tickld.

Tickld was founded in December 2011 with the intention of creating the ultimate procrastination destination on the Internet. What they didn’t know was how popular the concept would be.

As more and more like-minded people discovered Tickld, the Site developed into a community of funny, clever contributors and what began as a pet project quickly became a full-time job for its founders.

Tickld continued to grow as people told their friends, who told their friends. Tickld quickly became a worldwide community.

Tickld is constantly growing and changing. An increasing percentage of visitors to Tickld first discover our website by way of our editorial content, which is widely distributed on social media. You can access our editorial content by visiting http://www.tickld.com/x.

In December 2015 Tickld was acquired by Gateway Media, LLC. based in St. Louis, Missouri. Gateway Media has grown from fewer than 20 employees when it was formed in January 2013 to some 70 full-time employees today. Each month the company’s websites attract over 115 million visitors. In May 2015, Gateway Media’s Oola.com took home the 2015 Webby Award for Best Food & Drink Website. In June 2015, Gateway Acquired Cinemablend, the web's most popular independent entertainment website known for its expert reviews and exhaustive coverage of the film, television and gaming industries. Cinemablend is a Quantcast Top 150 site.

For details about Gateway Media’s other websites and to learn about the company’s proprietary social-media technology, please visit http://www.gatewaymedia.com.