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I want to start a new thing "Is it just me or..."

Is it just me or does anyone else, when just lounging around thinking of good times gone by, does that one super awkward/embarrassing memory pop into your head and make you have a physical reaction to it like it just happened all over again?

Artist creates pet portraits inspired by their personality

I've been making portraits of pets that showcase their personalities. Here are a few I've been working on lately. You can see more and read what their owners share about them here. Keep rockin', everybody.



"He loves to wear Birthday Party hats, his collar and necktie, and reindeer antlers at Christmas time. We’ve been told by trainers that he’s manipulative."


"Rogue is really happy she pulls her top lip up to expose her teeth, mimicking a human smile."


"He’s very energetic, much to our dismay He’s somewhat of a Houdini, from what I’ve been told, escaping from his playpen by figuring out how to unzip it."


"He loves water and mud and loves snow even more. We live in Ohio and when the wind chill is -20 he won't come inside."


" He NEVER holds still and he is crazy. Very clingy and high energy. He won't really hunt but he will do anything for a tennis ball! "


"I have loved many cats in my life but Smiles completely changed my life and my whole being." RIP, Smiles.


"He thinks he is a puppy."


"Frannie loves snuggling in bed with us and likes to be covered with multiple blankets...she hates being cold. Frannie is a really fast runner and chases rabbits in the yard, but has never hurt one. She has cornered them and then just sat and stared at them."

All work ©chris beetow