Taxi or Knight in shining armour?

Sitting on a bench in the taxi bay. This a$$ pulls up and parks in the taxi spot. Completely blocking it off if a taxi should come, and the is a 5 minute park free two spots down!!!
He gets out of his car with a DVD. Obviously he is just quickly retuning it. As I curse him under my breath for parking in a spot not allocated for him, I have to commend him for not supporting DVD piracy.
Upon his rerun he sees me waiting. He knows he's done wrong and and sheepishly call out to me.
"Your chariot awats, Miss."
"How much is the fare, my good sir?" I reply jokingly.
"What suburb do you require?"
I tell him my suburb and street. Turns out he lives the next street over. So he gives me a lift home for nothing, and even helps me with my bags. Such good taxi service.