Apparently bo*g gets censored. Also story is a little long.

So my roommate has a really bad habit of smoking his bong in the bathroom while he takes his morning ****. Now the problem isn't the smoking. But seriously, who leaves a bong just sitting on the bathroom floor? Any number of things could happen!

Well last night anything happened.

It's nothing but college aged guys in the house, so we **** with the door open. I had to ask my roommate what the rent was while he was taking a ****. Well he was something like 8 beers deep and as he answered me he turned his body and started ****ing directly into his bong.

I was drunk myself and didn't think anything of it. He proceeded to pick up his bong and leave the bathroom to load a bowl.

About 5 minutes later I realized what was happening. I ran out to the garage to stop him, but instead I found him just finishing the bowl.

This morning he asked if his breath smelled like ****. I said no.

Do I tell him? Or just let him be ignorant the rest of his life?

I mean he's not gonna die or anything right?

Anyone that has experience smoking **** let me know. There's probably only like, 4 of you guys I'm assuming.