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The Best Laid Plans

I was at the library and I complemented this beautiful woman on her ACDC T-shirt. We got to talking and it turned out Gabby and I had a bunch in common, we both liked rock music and camping and riding ATVs.
I took her out to lunch and there was no denying the chemistry, so the conversation took a risqué turn and lo and behold she confided in me that she was really into bondage. I had never done any of that but I had always wanted to so I pretended I was too. We stopped at my place for some afternoon delight and I asked her to accompany me to my cabin in Maine for the weekend to ride snowmobiles and get into some freaky S&M.
We left immediately, but I had a problem, I didn't own a cabin in Maine or any Snowmobiles, but I figured it wouldn't be too much trouble finding one and renting it once we got there. I stopped at the bank and withdrew all my money because I wasn't sure how much I would need, and I stopped and picked up rope and several containers of gasoline in NJ because I figured it would be cheaper for gas in NJ than in Maine.
Once we reached the Maine border, Gabby began to get excited and hopped into the back seat and undressed and began tying herself up, she was obviously very experienced to be able to do this.
Well Maine was a lot more rural then I expected and we ran out of gas, but luckily I had the gas in the trunk, so I got out and got one of the containers out of the trunk, but the car started rolling when I slammed the trunk. I tried opening the door but I tripped and the gasoline container fell into the window and onto the front seat.
I had been wandering for hours after the explosion when the Canadian Mount is found me, and they were very helpful. But you see, Your Honor, how this was all a very unfortunate mix-up.