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List of Things I'm Fond and Not Fond of For the Week of December 8th

Hello. Thank you for coming to my presentation. Please hold all questions until the end. There's free refreshments in the lobby. Here's a List of Things I'm Fond and Not Fond of for this week:

1) A Coca-Cola Mexico ad was pulled because it depicted white people handing out Coke to locals. The ad was pulled on the ground that it promoted "white colonialism and consumerism mentality". The ad was also deemed racist and discriminatory- I'm on the Fond-Fence with this one I would enjoy hearing people's thoughts on this.

2) A Tom Hanks DaVinci Code wannabe claimed he has studied the Mona Lisa portrait for 10 years and happened to have found an earlier portrait underneath the Mona Lisa- The last time someone messed with DaVinci stuff Ewan McGregor became a traitor to the Vatican, so I'm not so sure if I am fond of this one.

3) Scientists have managed to reproduce how dolphins visualize things from their point of view. With the recent discovery scientists believe dolphins use a "sono-pictorial" form of language to communicate, which is a language of pictures- Apparently Dolphins see similar to those homemade cameras you make in photography class, but you're really sh*tty at photography and accidentally over-expose the film. That was me, I was that guy. But yeah I'm fond of this the whole picture-language scenario is really intriguing.

That concludes this list of Things I'm Fond and Not Fond Of. I'm afraid I went on too long and I must go so I won't be able to answer any questions today. You're welcome.