Bad Kitty

Another of my fun memories with my Dad:

I was like 4 years old and it was a Sunday a few days before Christmas. While we were getting ready for church, my cat climbed up the Christmas tree and knocked the whole thing over. It made my Dad furious and he said something that my 4 year old self heard, and stored for later.

At church, our pastor used to do something called Kids Talk where he would call the young kids up to share something about their week. When it was my turn, I proudly told the entire congregation that, "The goddamn cat knocked over the Christmas tree."

When an outraged parishioner said, "Whose child is that?" my father called out, "Yeah. Whose kid is that? They should be ashamed." My mother smacked his arm and took me outside.

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Want to hear one of my church memories? Too bad, I got none sucker.

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