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The truth behind underwear.

I conducted a social experiment using 9gag, imgur, and tickld by asking the question "what kind of underwear do you wear?" the results are astounding.

  • Tickld - female users are unwilling to tell you, for the most part. Which is okay, it's a sign of modesty. Congratulations, women of tickld. The men, they're pretty open about it. As they should be, because there is no shame in what kind of underwear a man wears. It all does the job.
  • 9gag - female users seem to be all thirsty gay men. They say "nothing" for the most part and try to lure you into conversation to flirt. For shame, possibly women but probably men of 9gag. As for the men, they joke about it mostly. They seem repulsed by the idea that a man tell you what he wears. So they make jokes. They also seem to not wear underwear. This is a strange cultural norm, but it seems interesting. It varies greatly from tickld.
  • Imgur - refuse to answer at all, no one is willing to tell me anything or even go so far as to joke about it. Imgur, you suck.

That was my experiment. I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I didn't care about doing it.