Not that there's anything wrong with that...

So three traditional indian mothers are having lunch, when the topic turns to their sons.

"My son's a banker," one woman starts "he's so rich he just bought his friend a Ferrari."

"My son's a pilot," says another "he's been so successful that he took his friend and their family on a round the world trip in his private jet"

"Well, my son's an architect" says the third, "and he's just finished building his friend a mansion"

Finally a fourth mother turns up, and the other three ask her about her son.

"Oh my son's a *******ual..."

The three other women look at the fourth in disbelief, *******uality still being considered taboo in their community.

"Oh it's been great" she says "through his lovers we got a Ferrari, a free round the world trip and a mansion!"

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Latest comment by JohnnyZoSo

This joke was up a few months ago but with golfers instead of Indian mothers...

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