Enough of your bull**** you're just tired.

Time to go all scooby doo on the spooky section. I find it odd that most stories in the spooky section have the same phenomenon of "I woke up in the middle of the night to experience..." This had me confused because what, are ghosts nocturnal? Well a little googling brought me to the fact that waking up during REM sleep is one of the most disorientating experiences that you can have. This can go on as long as 10 minutes or as short as 10 seconds. This can cause you to do anything from seeing and hearing things, to walking around babbling like you're drunk. Incidentally, being woken in the midst of REM sleep effects your motor skills and bodily functions significantly more than alcohol and most drugs. Interestingly enough, there's countless stories of strange occurrences happening when people wake in the night, but no one ever thought to find a logical explanation. So here you go, a logical explanation brought to you on a silver platter. No ghost story that ever exists is true. Where's my damn Scooby snack?