Spread Laughter and Cure Boredom

Who ya gonna call? Someone that gives a s**t.

I was sitting in film class today and we were discussing the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot with the female cast. My prof asked me if I was going to see it.

Me: I'm sure at some point I will but I'm not gonna pay to see it.

When suddenly a woman on the other side of the room spoke up.

Woman: Why, because it's all female and you think woman aren't funny?

Room gets dead quiet, everyone looks at me.

Me: Not at all. I'm just sick of reboots. It's an easy way to get people to go see the movie. Personally, I think every women that they casted are hilarious actresses, and I would love to see more film franchises with woman as the stars. But I want them to have their own original franchises, not a recreation of another film. That's why I'm against Anna Kendrick being in an Indiana Jones reboot. Why can't we have fresh new female heroines instead of simply rehashing old films? That's why I won't pay to see the movie.

Woman: Ok, if that's what you believe.

Me: I also thought that only the first Ghostbusters movie was good.

Woman: Well you're definitely f**king wrong about that.