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I have proof that the people over at ****Hub are Ticklrs.

We've all seen the news by now - ****Hub has released a bracelet that generates power while you ****. Cool, right?

Here's the thing - 9 months ago, around the time that ****Hub was planting trees for each video watched, there was also news of a shoe that generated power with each step you take. Seeing an opportunity, I made a post about how if ****Hub created a wristband, we could save the rainforest and the power grid. (Link in source)

It was a successful post, making it's way to the hot page, and now, 9 months later, ****Hub has released this wristband.

So, there are a few things we can learn from this:
- Someone at ****Hub is a Ticklr and liked my idea.
- It takes 9 months to develop a wristband that generates power while you ****.
- Someone owes me royalties.

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Latest comment by fragglez3

I don't think you were the only person to have had this thought.

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