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Michelle_Am_I +1 karmaSeptember 2013
Indian tacos. You make the taco part with those biscuits in a can. You flatten out the biscuits and brown them up on a pan, (No greasing the pan is needed). then make the meat and beans as you please. you can also add sour cream, salsa, avocado etc etc.
Michelle_Am_I 0 karmaSeptember 2013
This comment has been deleted.
deleted_user +1 karmaSeptember 2013
I once cooked a steak in a pan and smothered it in penne noodles and roasted garlic parmesan sauce.
deleted_user +1 karmaSeptember 2013
My favourite recipe is very simple. Add a touch of gasoline to your car, and drive down to KFC.
Amabo +1 karmaSeptember 2013Bubbles
Gnocchi Caprese FTW!!!!!
SomeCatGirl +1 karmaSeptember 2013
You have no idea how badly I wish I could make gnocchi. I suppose store bought would always do. They did rate store bought in the newest edition of Cooking Light...
Amabo +1 karmaSeptember 2013
I made it the other night, though yeah store bought was eehhh, okay, compared to the freshly made Gnocchi I had at this Italian place. I miss it so :(
mrsadorkable +1 karmaSeptember 2013
Some favorites are slowcooker enchiladas, shepard's pie, stromboli, homemade pizza, loaded burritos (black beans, fried potatoes, nacho cheese, etc.)
SomeCatGirl 0 karmaSeptember 2013
I made a shepard's pie last week with ground beef and my boyfriend and I loved it so much we ate it all in one night haha
mrsadorkable +1 karmaSeptember 2013
We always did too. And licked our plates.
SomeCatGirl 0 karmaSeptember 2013
I just realized I typed ground beef when I meant ground lamb
deleted_user +4 karmaSeptember 2013
i make custom pizza... on dominos' website... and have it delivered
irlGirl +2 karmaSeptember 2013
Chicken and couscous or this awesome recipe for kielbasa and swiss chard that I got off epicurious: www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Pasta-with-Kielbasa-and-Swiss-Chard-234992
Stockyfrog14 +1 karmaSeptember 2013
home made mac-n-cheese with REAL cheese
SomeCatGirl 0 karmaSeptember 2013
made that this week! It was soooo good. It was my first time making it from scratch so now I know I need to use less flour and a lot more cheese! :D
pandle +1 karmaSeptember 2013
Spaghetti tacos c:
SomeCatGirl +1 karmaSeptember 2013
oooh this sounds interesting. What exactly is it?
pandle +1 karmaSeptember 2013
Spaghetti but in a taco shell ^_^ and personally, I put sliced cheese on top.

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