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Last Updated: 28 August 2014

August Update

posted 1 month ago

Hello Ticklrs!

August, like every month so far this year, has been an incredibly busy month! We've been busy building a few new features for the Site including URLs and previews for posts on Tickld in the comments. Our primary focus has been behind-the-scenes. We've been working on the Tickld Apps for iOS and Android, which are presently under development. It's a massive undertaking! We want to be sure that we do it right, not only because we're a bunch of perfectionists intent to please our awesome community, but because we know how much you want these apps and how much it will mean to you to have a fully-functional Tickld App on your phone!

We recently listed for sale Tickld Logo Stickers, which if you haven't purchased one yet, go do that now, then come back to finish reading this blog entry!

In September we'll be selling Tickld Logo T-Shirts in both mens, and for the very first time, women's cut! They're already in stock and they look unbelievably awesome. We're very excited to put them live on the Site!

If you haven't had an opportunity, come say hello on our profile page. You can find us at Don't be shy! We love to hear from you.

-- Kyle & The Tickld Team