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Last Updated: 17 October 2014

October Update

posted 1 week ago

Hi Ticklrs,

Evidently, I'm a terrible blogger... I'll try to keep these updates more regular in the future. I do have an excuse though! As usual, we've been insanely busy here, working all day and night to keep Tickld humming and the new features rolling out.

New this month, you'll notice the tagging or "mention" feature in the comments. Simply type "@" followed by a username (i.e. @tickld) to mention another user in a comment. The user you've mentioned will receive a notification that they're being discussed in a comment thread.

You'll also note the addition of thumbnail previews in comments when you link to another post on Tickld, the addition of new products in the Tickld Shop and the earth-shattering addition of search to the Site!

We've managed to release all of these new features while simultaneously developing two brand-new mobile applications (with a few surprise features), producing a welcome video in the style of an 80's Saturday morning cartoon, improving upon the Site's infrastructure and managing the day-to-day operation of the Site. We receive hundreds of emails every week from Ticklrs asking for improvements, assistance and general discourse.

In September we moved into a new office, one floor up from our old space. Our new office is only slightly larger than our old closet of a space, but it has allowed us to spread out a little and consequently enjoy each other's company just a little more!

In November you can expect the addition of a whole host of new features along with vast improvements to existing features, such as the post upload form, user profile page and direct messaging platform.

If you have any specific questions or topics that you'd like me to discuss in blog, please leave a suggestion on the Tickld user profile page, and I'll be sure to read it and consider it for my next entry.

-- Kyle & The Tickld Team