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Beauty Pageant Week


The only way The Ticklr can possibly start off this week is by mentioning the beauty pageant. If you're unaware of the beauty pageant hosted by @Posterbag, click or tap here and then come back to finish your read of The Ticklr. What a thing of beauty! The amount of OC generated off the back of the beauty pageant was unlike anything we've seen on Tickld for a number of months. We've pulled lurkers out of the shadows, encouraged self-conscious Ticklrs to post ridiculous photos of themselves online for many thousands of people to see and really fostered the community spirit that makes Tickld special. So, without further ado:


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"Ask" has always been one of the most popular sections on Tickld. This knowledge has inspired us to trial a new format for This Week @ Tickld, our weekly video segment. We're going to feature questions submitted by Ticklrs either by video, audio or email. Other Ticklrs who have expressed an interest to participate will answer your questions. Select the thumbnail below to watch @xALEXx explain the new format. If you'd like to submit a video or audio question, upload the file to your favourite file sharing service and email us the link.

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In a private beta, our new meme generator has been described by @sourjillion4 as "the best free meme generator on the Internet." The new, much-anticipated, mobile and desktop compatible meme generator is NOW LIVE! Your incredible CTO @Nic has been working industriously to get this feature ready for your use. Instantly make a meme from any post on Tickld by selecting "Use as Meme". Create your own private library of backgrounds and images, or select from a curated list featuring the most popular options. Draw freely with your mouse or finger, add text, string together multiple images, download for offline use or post to directly to Tickld. Tickld Meme Generator: The easiest way on the Internet to add Donald Trump's comb-over to any photo!


Our first Credit Day was an overwhelming success. One of every five comments on Credit Day came from an individual who hadn't commented on Tickld in more than four weeks. This Wednesday is our second Credit Day; however, the focus will be on posts rather than comments. Ticklrs will earn two credits for making a post on Tickld on Credit Day, even if it's to purgatory. For greater clarity, we're not offering two credits per post. The two credits are only for your first post on Credit Day.


The Tickld Team


If you'd like to participate in the mentorship program described last week, please DM @Searley_Bear.

If you'd like to be a guest contributor, simply reply to this email and let us know!


This week's guest contributor is the indelible @Wheatleyboy with a story about a serendipitous encounter on Tickld.

Me and my Mrs. have been on and off Ticklrs for years now. We first came across Tickld through Morgan Freeman's Voice and became fully fledged Ticklrs in April 2013, posting and commenting quite regularly. Both of us used to be regular Askrs.

We met on Tickld in November 2013 when I posted my Snapchat on Ask in response to a popular post. Meeting her was my first step towards interacting with Ticklrs outside of Tickld.

We got to chatting for a while about where we lived and what we did. I was from the north east of England and she was from southern California. Soon after meeting, I disappeared to Kenya for three months and we kept in touch by e-mail. Nothing romantic then, just pen paling. She even sent me some American sweets.

When I eventually got back, I decided to throw caution to the wind and fly to California. I'd always wanted to see the west coast of America. I now had an Internet friend over there, so at the very least I could get some advice on where to visit. (I never wanted to be one of those weird Internet catfish type people so I didn't expect her to welcome me into her home or anything).

A few weeks later, I found myself waiting in the San Diego airport, terrified about who I was actually going to meet. She'd insisted on picking me up at the airport. She found me by the luggage conveyer belt and greeted me with a massive hug. We spent the next nine days doing everything that any southern Californian would normally take for granted, but a young Teessider would never dream of doing. She'd taken nine days off of work to be my own personal tour guide, and by the end of it we some how discovered that we liked each other despite mixed messages from both sides. (She'll tell you it was me).

Fast forward to the present day.

@amabo and I are less than two days away from being back together again after three months apart, and this time it's for good. She's moving to Britain after a year and half of long distance. It's been tough, but we're finally about to start the first chapter of our lives together. None of this would have been possible if it weren't for the Internet, Askrs and of course, Tickld.

It's been one hell of a ride, but it just goes to show that Tickld has helped us make new friends all over the world and some of them can end up meaning a lot more to you than you might imagine.

-- @Wheatleyboy


Last week we introduced @NotPaul as The Ticklr's advice columnist. If you'd like to participate, please DM @NotPaul, and your question might appear in next week's issue. In sticking with the theme of @Wheatleyboy's guest contribution:

Dear @NotPaul,

Is it ever a good idea to be romantically involved with another Ticklr?




Dear Undecided,

There's no binary answer for this, I'm afraid. Forming that kind of a bond with a fellow Ticklr can be an amazing thing. In the proper setting, people tend to be more honest about themselves online. Meeting someone on Tickld can also be less stressful when compared to purpose-built websites and apps. Neither of you are required to make any moves or force any awkward flirtation. You're both able to be more open about how you're feeling and what you want, and you can have the romantic conversation when you're ready. Tickld, and the Internet in general, provide a safe distance to begin a relationship for people who are maybe slightly more shy, or are nervous about meeting someone suddenly, or find it difficult to get to know/meet new people. The Internet allows you both a little more time and space to think and breathe. Aside from the possibility of extraneous variables such as time difference and distance, there's no reason why pursuing a romantic relationship with someone you met on Tickld should or shouldn't work out any more or less than any other relationship borne out of any other situation. So from that point of view, yes it can be a good idea to become romantically involved with a Ticklr.

As much as people are sometimes more open about who they are on the Internet, there are also those that aren't, not necessarily from an identity point of view, but from a personality one. People may alter aspects of their personality to try and be more like someone they're not in an effort to be more attractive to you, which can be an extremely difficult thing to go through emotionally, for both parties involved. When the lie is eventually uncovered, as it always is, that in itself can be heartbreaking.

Always take appropriate precautions before meeting somebody you met online.

TL;DR: There's no higher or lower chance of a relationship borne out of Tickld succeeding/failing than if it were borne out of any other situation.