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The Best Damn Meme Generator on the Internet


We're going to start this week's edition of The Ticklr by tooting our own horn. Tickld is now home to The (self-proclaimed) Best Meme Generator on the Internet! We're confident enough to heartily proclaim "f**k those other meme generators!" We guarantee you won't find another browser-based meme generator that's more full-featured. Visit http://www.tickld.com/memegenerator to try it out.

For those of you unaware, tagging is now live! If you've yet to try tagging a post, try posting something new now, or find an older post of yours and update the tags to make it more easily searchable for others in the future.

What is tagging?

Tags allow you to classify your post however you wish. No longer are you required to choose a specific section for your post. Assign anywhere between one and ten tags to your creation and have it appear under more than one tag when others sort or search by one of your chosen tags.


We're hosting another Credit Day on Tuesday the 1st of September. You will receive one credit for your first post that makes it to "NEW" and one credit for your first post that makes it to "HOT" for a maximum of two free credits on Credit Day. Help us spread the word!


Our favourite post of the week goes to @WellFineThen for her post titled Don't get too excited, now. It's just a tampon joke . The time and effort that went into creating this masterpiece was unmatched by anything else on our shortlist for favourite post. It's hilarious, and well worth a visit!

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Our guest contributor this week is @Jaffa_The_Nut with a video contribution titled What is Tickld? If you have a few spare minutes, we strongly recommend you watch. It's emotional and raw. He even burps partway through the video and doesn't edit it out! Check it out by selecting the thumbnail below.

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Have a fantastic week!


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Dear @NotPaul

What kind of lightweight jackets look best on young guys for fall? Say maybe 18-25 years old and in a casual to semi-casual setting such as college.


Fashion Challenged


Hi Fashion Challenged,

Autumn/Fall weather changes a lot. Sometimes it's warm and sometimes it's quite cold so a good way to go is with the classics, a trench coat and a leather jacket. A wool/wool blend trench coat is worth investing in for a quality cut and material. The wool blend will keep you warm in the evenings, but the option of keeping it undone in the front allows for a breeze in the day for warmth with a breeze. The leather jacket is warmer than you'd think, and you can pair them with a pair of jeans and a hoodie and t-shirt for a casual dressed-down look, and on it's own over a shirt for a smarter look, that's cooler but offers protection without over heating. Colour depends on your complexion and the rest of your wardrobe, both of these styles are classics so will go with smart trousers as well as jeans or chinos. If most of your wardrobe is black or navy, then a gray/black trench coat is best and a black leather jacket, but if you have lighter colours such as browns and beiges and lighter blues then a chocolate brown leather jacket is a good choice, with a grey or black trench coat. Both of these jackets can be dressed up or dressed down so they're solid choices for all settings.