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Last Updated: 05 December 2014

It's the holiday season, already...

posted 2 weeks ago

Hello Ticklrs!

The holiday season is officially upon us!

Let’s see… What’s new?

Abi joined the team, feel free to say hello to her on her profile ( We're sure she would love to hear from you!

James decided to sneak into the office in the middle of the night and decorate with tinsel, cheap baubles covered in glitter (that's falling off everywhere and pissing off Kyle) and a giant inflatable Santa Clause.

Secret Santa names have been drawn, the vending machine has been stocked with mince pies; everyone at Tickld is definitely in the festive sprit.

We will very shortly be posting a form where you can request a handwritten holiday postcard from The Tickld Team. The image on the front of the postcard was created by the wonderful detectivecody!

For now, that’s all from us! Big things to announce next week... Stay tuned!

-- The Tickld Team