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Gives you think

One time I was interning at the zoo in my hometown and there were there four teenagers who were loud and obnoxious and my boss told me to keep an eye on them in case they caused trouble and they were annoying all day and then they got to the vicuna exhibit and the loudest one jumped on the rail and started trying to pee on the animals so I did the only thing that made sense and I ran over and pushed him in the vicunas devoured him without hesitation and his friends stared dumfounded at the whole scene and then one of them hugged me and said thank you for setting us free and they still write me letters on christmas telling me what their lives are like two of them got married to each other but later divorced and remarried and each have kids and a family and they're still friendly with each other and the third one is successfully climbing the ropes of the entertainment industry in Vancouver I'm really proud of them all it's nice to know I had such an affect on their lives *effect.