Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 21 March 2014

What is the Upload Quota? How do I increase my Upload Quota?

New users must wait a few hours before posting to the Site. Once the initial wait period is over, new users will have a low Upload Quota. Your Upload Quota will reset 24 hours after your last upload. With every successful post, your Upload Quota will increase. At this time, the upper limit of the Upload Quota is 10 posts per 24 hour period.

How do I post to Tickld?

Once you're registered and logged in, simply select the yellow POST (or if you're on mobile, the yellow upload icon) in in the top, right corner of your screen. Follow the instructions on screen once you're there.

How do I turn off safe mode?

Once you have registered a user account and you are logged in, you may switch off Safe Mode. Simply select the 'OFF' radio button located at the right side of the navigation bar with the Hot, New, Top and Vote tabs.

What is safe mode?

Safe Mode hides posts that have been deemed Not Safe For Work (NSFW) by the Site's users. NSFW posts are those which the user may not want to access in a public or formal setting such as at work or school. NSFW posts may also contain swear words and images intended for a more mature audience.

Why doesn't Tickld have an Android App?

The Tickld iPhone App has been released! We can confirm that an Android App is in the works. We'll keep you updated on our blog, so keep checking back! In the meanwhile, our friends on Android can still access Tickld from your mobile phone at m.tickld.com.

Why does Tickld have advertisements?

The Tickld Team wants Tickld to be free for everyone. It now costs a lot to run Tickld, and advertising is how we pay for this.

How do I get my post to the 'New' page?

All submissions first require 15 up-votes from the Vote page. The Vote page is only accessible to logged in users. You must convince the registered users that your submission is worthy. The first suggestion for getting to the new page is be original. The second suggestion for getting to the new page is be original. If you aren't the original poster (OP), then do not post it to Tickld. The Tickld community loves to see/hear/discover/learn about you and what's going on inside your head. The community reacts positively to posts that are original, creative, funny, informative and weird. Take a silly picture of your pet. Create a meme about a current event. Teach the community about something interesting that you've learned in school. Finally, be original.

What determines whether a post appears on the 'Hot' page?

'Hot' is determined by an automated software algorithm that factors in many variables. The algorithm considers variables such as the number of up-votes since time posted, the speed of up-vote accumulation and the up-vote to down-vote ratio.

Can I edit the title of my submission?

Unfortunately, you cannot edit the title of your submission at this time.

How do I delete a post I uploaded to Tickld?

Once logged in, go to your user profile page. Select one of the large yellow buttons under the 'Delete' header for Pic, Gif, Ask or Comic to view your submissions. You'll find a 'Delete' button to the right of your post. Select 'Delete' and confirm. Deletion will remove all traces of your submission from our server and database.

I just received a message from 'UserModerator'. Why?

If you received a message on your profile page from the user 'UserModerator', it is because a Tickld User Moderator has exercised an enforcement action against you. Please refer to the message for more information about why your post might have been removed.

Can I be a user moderator?

Yes, you can submit an application here. Not all applicants will be accepted. Please follow the link for more information.

Why did my post disappear? I didn't delete it!

If this has occurred, the most likely explanation is that it was reported for a Terms of Use violation and was accordingly removed by an administrator. If this was the case, you should have received a notification from the 'tickldbot' on your user profile page providing an explanation.

I have a complaint about a troll! They're really annoying! Can you do something about it?

Tickld is moderated by User Moderators in conjunction with the automated 'tickldbot'; however, the User Moderators and the tickldbot might not catch every single troll without your assistance. We have provided a number of automated tools to deal with Internet trolls and annoying behaviour. Tickld provides a 'Report' button underneath every comment on the Site. Using it will submit valuable information on the user's comment to our database and hide the comment if enough users have reported it. We have also provided a 'Report User' button at the bottom of every user's profile page. Make use of these buttons. The most salient advice we can offer is: Do not feed the troll! Instead, why not try complimenting the troll to throw them off? Alternatively, just ignore them entirely, and most likely they'll get bored and go away. Only if a user's comments are in violation of our Terms of Use we might become involved. Tickld only takes enforcement action (ranging from informal requests to comply to banning a user's access at the IP level) against users that have violated our Terms of Use, and are brought to our attention by another user of the Site. You may contact us if you feel a user's conduct is inappropriate. We do not mediate disputes between users.

What is 'Karma'?

You receive Karma points when other logged in users up-vote or down-vote your comments. A high amount of Karma on your user profile (in most cases) tells other users that you are a valued contributor to Tickld. A negative amount of Karma on your user profile (in most cases) tells other users that your contributions are not appreciated. All new users begin with 0 Karma. Your Karma total is displayed on your user profile page. The top 20 most valued contributors on Tickld as determined by total Karma are listed on The Wall of Fame.

What is 'Gift Karma'?

Gift Karma allows a user to 'gift' karma points to other users on Tickld for making exceptional contributions to the Tickld community. Choosing to Gift Karma will subtract the requisite karma from the giver's total karma and add it to the receiver's total karma. Only positive karma can be gifted.

Is there somewhere I can see all of the comment images?

Yes, there is! Please visit The Comment Image and Gif Reference Guide.

How do you pronounce the word 'meme'?

Meme is pronounced 'meem' and rhymes with the word 'cream'. Fun Fact: The word 'meme' originated in Richard Dawkins' 1976 book titled 'The Selfish Gene'. Dawkins postulated that memes, similar to human genes, evolve through natural selection, and can become extinct if they fail to propagate.

Is your website safe and secure?

We take every reasonable precaution to protect any personal information that we may collect from you. We work hard to ensure the site never links you to malicious material that my harm your computer. We're committed to protecting our users and ensuring their Tickld experience is safe and pleasurable. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details on how we handle your personal information.