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yw84fun 0 karmaJanuary 2014
I broke my boyfriend's nose with a snowball back in high school...
mrNONDESCRIPT 0 karmaJanuary 2014
Weren't these three Russian murderers?
Give_No_Fawkes +1 karmaJanuary 2014
The guy on the right looks like Tom Hardy.
roostangarar +1 karmaJanuary 2014
I would have said Daniel Craig.
Give_No_Fawkes +1 karmaJanuary 2014
I could see that too.
Lhunara +1 karmaJanuary 2014Happy Harry
Reminds me of the stinging hex Hermoine puts on Harry in Death Hallows
Lhunara 0 karmaJanuary 2014
This comment has been deleted.

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