Apple is the most controversial of juices

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lukewulf +1 karmaSeptember 2014
That one frame
aznkma 0 karmaMarch 2014
Saw him live once at my school. It was aight... :/
chyaitsmary 0 karmaMarch 2014
His heads half off at one point.
jochipr 0 karmaMarch 2014
The top of his head is cut off in the 6th slide because his mind has been opened to the reality of his situation.
Obscuro 0 karmaMarch 2014
I thought it was cause he's an android.
britawesome +5 karmaMarch 2014
I don't know why, but I like how in the 6th slide the top of his head is perfectly cut off.
britawesome +2 karmaMarch 2014
Like it looks like the top of his cranium is opening up and a little robot man is going to come out of it 8)
Dnice100889 +1 karmaMarch 2014
This cimment had me dying laughing I started picturing the little robot man lmao
britawesome 0 karmaMarch 2014
Haha! :D I was extremely high when I said this 8|
MJohnsonFTW 0 karmaMarch 2014
This post just brought me back to Tickld after a bit of a hiatus. Hilarious
Dreamwolf 0 karmaMarch 2014
He was shaking his head nope because you bought 8 of the same thing and put them ALL on the belt instead of just ONE
charlyco 0 karmaMarch 2014
You fucked up his head on purpose didn't you
kitkatdarkfold +1 karmaMarch 2014
I really thought the old man was hating on the apple juice too. I had to read it twice to get the "my girlfriend was white" part. :( All I could think was, "I could really use some apple juice... wonder if they had other juice on sale. Make it a mix."
awesome_emmers 0 karmaMarch 2014
LMFAO I can totally relate to his apple juice euphoria. Anyone who hasn't hoarded when the grocery store has great sales hasn't lived.
teslawasframed 0 karmaMarch 2014
this was so funny, i scrolled all the way back up to give you my upvote. well done, sir or madam.
REDemption +7 karma5 gift!March 2014
Have to have an open mind to do standup
stardancer771 +2 karmaMarch 2014
AGH HIS HEAD! Aliens live amongst us!!!
cgrace13 0 karmaMarch 2014
He is seriously one of my favorite underrated comics. Guy has some really great stuff.
brya2 +3 karmaMarch 2014
That moment when your head just falls off
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