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Tafranklin -3 karmaMay 2013Wut
All i got was pikachu. sorry guys Im not that kind of nerd.
conorknox -1 karmaAugust 2012
let me sq
squirtle on them jiggly puffs
theamazingspiderkier +4 karmaAugust 2012
this all seems a bit "farfetch'd"
TheCrawDaddy -4 karmaJune 2012
I want her to run her 'heracross' my body.
NeverTogether +7 karmaMay 2012
I'm not gonna 'Raichu' a love song, cause you tell me to.
popgal +3 karmaMay 2012
what is the second pokemon? I never really got into the seasons or games after the first 150
wolfwind +3 karmaMay 2012
That ho-oh me some money.
Catface -3 karma2 gift!March 2012
hey, can I 'squirtle' on your 'jigglypuff'?
superbob01 -3 karmaFebruary 2012
Mine is long. Is your d-victini?
eDuck -3 karmaJanuary 2012
Some people believe in 'celebi-cy'
techytadpole -4 karmaDecember 2011
i wanna squirtle all over your jigglypuffs
falloutalley -4 karmaDecember 2011
I didn't get the pikachu one
Cookie +2 karmaJanuary 2012
It was i'm peek at you (pikachu) in the shower
qwer1234 -4 karmaJanuary 2012
he means sneeze
MitchyGee +3 karmaDecember 2011
Iv'e got a sore throat. Iv'e been "Koffing" and "Weezing" all day
shellz 0 karmaDecember 2011
I could raichu all night
LolageMaster -6 karmaDecember 2011
(First look)Me: WTF?
(Second look, asfter asking bro for names)Me: oh HA!
MitchyGee +4 karmaDecember 2011
Ditto lol
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