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ArcticFauna +2 karmaJuly 2013
This Admin also owns a page called "The LEgend who did this on his exam"..
triplezero -2 karmaJuly 2013
thumbs up if this is who introduced you to tickld I still have that page liked on facebook lol
cornflakegirl87 0 karmaJuly 2013
Me too, I keep it for the quotes :)
JenNettles +4 karmaJuly 2013
What is this? Youtube?
p13b0y [op] 0 karmaJuly 2013
facebook like page
JenNettles +2 karmaJuly 2013
No no, I know what Morgan Freeman's voice is. I just have never seen "thumbs up if" outside of Youtube.
ruhrorinzee +1 karmaJuly 2013Please Do Not Feed The Trolls
He's a troll, Jenny. A bad one, but still a troll.
JenNettles 0 karmaJuly 2013
That doesn't stop us from loving Char...
ruhrorinzee 0 karma5 gift!July 2013Power Ranger Shrug
And I apparently need sleep since I couldn't figure that out. Yes, you're right, but I dunno, Char is... different.
triplezero -6 karmaJuly 2013
Sleep has nothing to do with making such a God awful mistake, But I will educate you, Troll - A person that try's to deliberately piss others off on the internet for his own amusement, Now does my first sentence look like anything of such nature?
ruhrorinzee -2 karmaJuly 2013Seriously?
I actually checked you out before posting that and it was based on prior comments, not just this. And yes, lack sleep when you're on as little as I am does. I know what a troll is. Truth be told your first sentence is trolling... it says not to ask for up/downvotes AND you used a term not even from this site, so yeah... kinda.
triplezero +7 karma10 gift!July 2013
Haha logging into multiple accounts to downvote me, you're transparent as glass. Please stop I don't want to lose any more karma!
Katastrophe9 0 karmaJuly 2013
This comment has been deleted.
Katastrophe9 0 karmaJuly 2013
This comment has been deleted.
Katastrophe9 +1 karmaJuly 2013And. Here. We. Go.
Is that really what she's doing?! Pathetic! Here is karma to help even out HER trolling bullshit... and bring on my negative karma.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma2 gift!July 2013
Rinzee is one of the most well-established people on the whole website. I'm sure Triplezero is just carrying on their trolling (yeah, you're trolling. Don't reply to me because I don't give a fuck), but Katastrophe, you should try not to be so fucking gullible.
triplezero -1 karmaJuly 2013
Don't give a fuck who he is on a meaningless site with meaningless "karma" Hes a moron just like you for thinking I'm anywhere near trolling, gtfo this is our convo.
BrooklynPiper +1 karma2 gift!July 2013
If it's so meaningless, why the fuck are you still talking you absurd little cunt? It's because you want recognition and acceptance. Who's ignorant now dipshit?
triplezero 0 karmaJuly 2013
What does me defending myself from a bunch of 10 year ignorant trolls have to do with the site and karma being meaningless It wouldn't matter where this convo was I would still do the same thing. dumbass
BrooklynPiper 0 karmaJuly 2013Genius
If it was meaningless you just let it go, and you wouldn't still be here if the site was meaningless. Are you fucking 5 or something, can't put the pieces together unless we spell it out at a preschool reading level? So let me spell it out and I'll use little words so you'll get it: Y-o-u a-r-e t-o-o s-t-u-p-i-d t-o-o i-n-s-u-l-t. Did we get that you fucking little twat?
triplezero -1 karmaJuly 2013
Uh I don't let faggotry such as this just "go" I'ts got to be one of the most ignorant statements ever to claim my first post was anywhere near trolling, And I guess you have a problem with reading because I already told you, I don't give a shit were this convo was taking place I would still do the same thing. Your not even doing anything in this conversation anyways besides insults, Now lets think here what would THAT be considered as? Oh that's right just blatant TROLLING.
BrooklynPiper 0 karmaJuly 2013
If you weren't getting pissed, you wouldn't have just shown your defensive side. Also, use of "faggotry" only shows your pure ignorance. And once again, If it was in fact meaningless, you'd let it go. You wouldn't care, it would have no bearing on you, but it does. It pissed you off, so it does in fact have meaning, you're offended. You're letting us control your feelings, you've become a slave to us. As long as one of us continues to reply, so will you. So keep coming back, and I'll keep showing the world how foolish you are. We all know, you'll come back with the same exact hollow statement, one that if you wish to continue, you might want to put some backing into.
triplezero -2 karmaJuly 2013
Lol now the child thinks that you cant be defensive without staying calm, God, you're ignorant. I wouldn't be so quick to call people out on how there expressing themselves Mr. rage/cuss factory. hypocrite extraordinaire, For the third time I will spell it nice and slow for you with caps even, I DON'T CARE WHERE IT IS THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SITE. I WILL DEFEND MY SELF FROM IGNORANT TROLLS. I'm nowhere near "pissed" laughing a lot really, I stopped getting mad at trolls about six years ago. And learned to outsmart them and make them look like ignorant fools like I'm doing to you right this moment. Funny you think you're "controlling" me its quite the opposite actually. If you weren't so concerned I was a troll. you would of gave up ages ago. But now, you yourself are getting to the point of trolling since you're ignoring half of what I say, along with your common sense which clearly you have none. My backing you say? Lol why don't you read my first post on here at the very top of this. It wouldn't matter though since you lack common sense to know anything at all. Please do reply back with more ignorant childish -logicless responses I do enjoy making people like you look like complete Fools.
BrooklynPiper +2 karmaJuly 2013
I'm not concerned that you're a troll, just continuing to prove that you are an idiot. I'm laughing a bit myself, and lets face it, you'll respond to this, proving my point.
triplezero -1 karmaJuly 2013
I count at least 8 insults right off the rip from you think you need to pull that stick out of your ass, I know working at a gas station must suck but at least learn to control yourself when on the web so you don't look like a complete fool joining in on conversations that has nothing to do with you.
triplezero -2 karmaJuly 2013
I already said I would defend my self from the likes of ignorant trolls, why wouldn't I respond? If you're not concerned that my first message was trolling then you have no stay in this conversation at all, besides 'trying' to piss me off(trolling) which is failing horribly. So if you think you have any point to this conversation lets here YOUR backing. This ought to be good, leme get some popcorn.
BrooklynPiper +21 karma20 gift!July 2013
Your first comment was not trolling, simply stupid. Asking for karma is quite stupid. So now we have established that you are stupid. Now, some people would let this go, but I personally find much satisfaction trying to remove the idiots from this site, or merely try to educate them. They are good for cheap laughs but can become sad stories of people who become hated by everyone. Also, you defended yourself, continuing on the same point is not defending, it's a persecution complex. You feel that every time someone proves you wrong, you must again state your argument hoping it will add some validity to it, and make it appear as though everyone is out to get you. It's quite sad, and you might want to see a psychiatrist. It can make you a bit crazy. Now as I see it, you have 2 options here: 1) bow out and face the fact that you're wrong for asking for karma and that you shouldn't have kept going, or 2) continue on and sink deeper into your mind where things seem to make sense. Personally, I'll leave you alone with your thoughts and hope that one day you'll open up, realize you were wrong and maybe get some help for the persecution complex.
triplezero -2 karmaJuly 2013
Lol, I wasn't begging for karma at all, As you can see in my profile I could seriously care less, if anything that was just a friendly term I gestured for kina saying 'high five' if you know tickld though that facebook page, Nothing 'stupid' about it. just a friendly gesture, but you can think of it anyway you like, if that helps your 16 year old childish mind. 'Remove idiots from the site' Lol what do you think you are, God? You think even if there was a troll on here their just going to bow down to you and simply 'leave the site' Haha think you need to wake up into reality, No one regardless of who they are would EVER listen to you, specially on the internet. There's a saying by the way, that you cant 'educate' anyone if you yourself know nothing at all. If anything I'm schooling you right now telling you your childish ignorant ideals are very flawed and, simply put you sound like a little kid trying to get his way in a supermarket by crying. Also no one is 'proving me wrong' as they have no valid proof I was trolling it's simply there own messed up opinion. As far as you go though, you're thinking that you have some kind of authority here as if you were trying to be some form of 'righteous defender of the Internet' "oh my point in being here is to thwart off people like you, 'you must all listen to my words" You have zero clue what you're even doing. You admit I'm not trolling, then go on to say basically that me defending my self from people that say I'm trolling is very ignorant, You're basically contradicting yourself. If you truly believe That I wasn't trolling then you would agree with me defending my self instead of continuing to insult me with NO BACKING at all, therefor making yourself sound like a fucking fool. I'll say it once again that you're NOT schooling anyone and very very FAR from being able to do anything close to it, in real life that is, because the first thing you learn when on the internet is that no one is going to listen to any 'demands' you might have, that's a false sense of footing you think you have but you don't. You have nothing. You are simply trolling that's all there is to it. Sooner you get that through your childish brain the better off you'll be at not making yourself look so fucking ignorant. Please reply with something that has actual facts with less trolling. I also highly recommend that you knock off your whole "authority" figure that you for some reason think you have. I know that you think you're trying to act older by using such a personality but in the end, It doesn't work on people more than ten years older than you. You need to just admit you have NO say in this argument at all and back off.
ruhrorinzee 0 karmaJuly 2013Please Do Not Feed The Trolls
BrooklynPiper +1 karma2 gift!July 2013
Oh I'm not feeding a troll, that would imply he has some sense of wit. That he's not just some 5 year old who's gonna get eaten alive once he enters the real world thinking he can act like that.
triplezero -1 karmaJuly 2013
'Eaten in the real world" cause I'm ...what defedning my self from childish trolling? lmfao. Get real, did you even bother to read the first posts of this?
triplezero 0 karmaJuly 2013
Only ones trolling here at the morons such as yourself that keep replying and trying to piss me off which I'ts not working, and i'm laughing at the futile attempts
ruhrorinzee -2 karmaJuly 2013Mega Facepalm
Oh Lordy. And I'm giving myself negative karma as well? He's a troll. Come on... Look at his damn page. And remember (because I certainly forgot earlier) PLEASE DON'T FEED THE TROLLS.
triplezero -3 karmaJuly 2013
Only a foolish bad troll would call others trolls based on nothing. You think I'm stupid or something, What would a person do that logs onto other accounts to give same person negtive karma of course he would never do something like 'up-vote himself' It would give him away. but you're still transparent I see through it.
triplezero -3 karmaJuly 2013
lol your ignorance knows no bounds I don't "try" to piss anyone off if you get that from my comments than thats just your own personal messed up judgement. Sorry to break it to you but no, you know nothing as i've said. My first sentence was a simple friendly message to anyone thats found tickld though that morgan freeman page on facebook. thats all it was rofl. Also whats it matter where I use the "term" as you called it on another site is that A RULE now? your enforcing on us, nah just another one of your fucked up opinions.
triplezero -5 karmaJuly 2013
If anything you and your little boyfriend are trying to piss me off by ignoring common logic on purpose which is very ironic, Its also very un-effective.
JenNettles +5 karma5 gift!July 2013Please Do Not Feed The Trolls
Rinz, come on...
JenNettles +4 karma2 gift!July 2013You Are God's Mistake
Nay, sir.
ruhrorinzee 0 karmaJuly 2013I Don't Understand That Reference
Am I missing something?
triplezero -4 karmaJuly 2013
ya i'm a troll totally. rofl get real...
ruhrorinzee +1 karmaJuly 2013Watch Out
Hey... I just call 'em as I see 'em...
triplezero -3 karmaJuly 2013Oh no no no
You know nothing then.
ruhrorinzee 0 karmaJuly 2013
This comment has been deleted.
ruhrorinzee +1 karmaJuly 2013Up Votes
Katastrophe9 +2 karmaJuly 2013I'm Not Even Sorry
You only have ONE up vote... and numerous down votes. That gif is void and you're still wrong. Stop going around trolling by calling everyone else out on their trolling.
ruhrorinzee -2 karmaJuly 2013I beg your pardon, are you ill?
Oh... honey. No.
Katastrophe9 +1 karmaJuly 2013
I feel like Gretchen Weiners but "you can't use that gif!" With only one up vote.
jcdrummer +7 karma5 gift!July 2013Wut
I'm confused, are you saying that rinzee can't use that gif? The one that's on the wall of fame? Which was made obvious to everyone by the blue text?
eliad +1 karmaJuly 2013
there are other pages that also link to tickld and it's the same there. maybe some jape of the tickld admins?
Charlatan [m] +1 karma2 gift!July 2013
MFV isn't Tickld admin. It's in the terms of service that you can only link to the homepage, so that may have something to do with it.
ruhrorinzee +1 karmaJuly 2013He's Right You Know
Searley_Bear 0 karmaJuly 2013
This drives me bonkers!!
Charlatan [m] 0 karmaJuly 2013
p13b0y [op] +3 karmaJuly 2013Hero
My quest is complete. Although somewhat anticlimatic
Searley_Bear +1 karmaJuly 2013
Yeah I think I was expecting it to be a little more exciting...
Charlatan [m] 0 karmaJuly 2013
Having investigated, it goes back further than that.
Searley_Bear 0 karmaJuly 2013Wat (Still)
Alright call me simple (I probably am, whatever) but is it suggesting not all girls look better in Volleyball shorts?