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prizm13085 0 karmaDecember 2012Abandon Thread
That's it I'm out
laurenalexis429 0 karmaSeptember 2012
Anndddd then Samsung got sued $1 billion by Apple for patent infringement... argument over.
skimaster1690 0 karmaSeptember 2012
Great advertising!
mattradrad3 0 karmaSeptember 2012
Why did they use Samsung being heavier as an advantage?
FozzyBear +1 karmaSeptember 2012
Sooooo, Nokia...
elliottgray +2 karmaSeptember 2012
shallow and pedantic
sunchips98 +1 karmaSeptember 2012
You lucky bastards! I have neither while you all are arguing over one being better than the other! I'll take any! Give one to me!
Smidgen +1 karmaSeptember 2012
At the risk of making a Tickld faux pas with a bad YouTube reference, 62 Apple fanboys are mad that Samsung isn't afraid to get sued.
delpag 0 karmaSeptember 2012
Haha whatever helps you sleep at night.
orangeroom -2 karmaSeptember 2012
Wait... I thought Android was just an iPhone for poor people?
simonvzs +10 karmaSeptember 2012Zoidberg
I love the way pro Android comments get thumbs up and pro Apple thumbs down. This argument is just like PS3 and XBox there will never be a clear winner where one has a downfall the other excels...
Stalag17 -3 karmaSeptember 2012
The Android forgot to mention that you have to buy a new phone nearly every time a new version of software comes out. Not to mention free viruses!
MrSpoony +9 karmaSeptember 2012
Really? wow, I must have a magic phone which can update software. Viruses? What viruses! Please, if you're going to try and bitch about Android, at least get it right!
thetickler -9 karmaSeptember 2012
yeh but android is not very good
TheScottishYeti +6 karmaSeptember 2012
If android isn't very good, then why is it doing so well in the market?
emmyarty +3 karmaSeptember 2012
Popularity means jack. Case in point: Twilight.

Anyway I'm an Android user but even I've got to admit that it really is just iOS's bastard little brother who exists just so other phones have a shot at competing. Google doesn't have an original bone in its body; just look at Google+.

The Lumia 920, now that's what I'm waiting for.
thetickler 0 karmaSeptember 2012
so true, you sir have your head screwed on properly, you know what is true and whats not, u are awesome
MrSpoony 0 karmaSeptember 2012
Gotta disagree about Google not being original. Google maps is one example already out there, but Google glass is a real piece of innovation.
demonjoe22 -11 karmaSeptember 2012
xtmaster -7 karmaSeptember 2012
im not being funny or an apple fanboy but it really isn't hard to list more features one and hold back... and when you resort to having a 'removable battery' as a key feature to make it look good you are getting desperate to be noticed...
demonjoe22 +2 karmaSeptember 2012
Well said!
Micheil794 +2 karmaSeptember 2012
Removable battery is a big deal for some people. Say you go camping alot/hiking etc & your battery runs out. You either A. Deal with it or B. Replace empty battery with a charged one.
DeathBunny218 +1 karmaSeptember 2012
Having a removable battery, for me anyway, is incredibly useful. I've had back up batteries for most of my phones in case they end up dying on me.
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