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wraotntasn -5 karmaSeptember 2012
violentscience 0 karmaSeptember 2012
Tricky dck.
TheScottishYeti 0 karmaSeptember 2012
Couldn't you tell by the title? XD
mrfraser +2 karmaSeptember 2012
Would also be funny if I'd hadn't been done like 3 times before...
Scooby359 0 karmaSeptember 2012
I hate you.....
juicyplums +3 karmaSeptember 2012
What a waste of fifteen minutes looking for the piece of paper with my password written on it.
MLJesus 0 karmaSeptember 2012
What a wanker.
greg3198 +7 karmaSeptember 2012
Lets be honest here. The only reason any of us got Tickld accounts was to turn safe mode off.
nivlac96 +1 karmaSeptember 2012He's Right You Know
So true.

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