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NateShaw92 0 karmaOctober 2012
If the presidency thing doesn't work out Barack you won't be living in the White House come January, so why set up your fucking stills there?
I don't think he is actually making beer (cool if he was) just poking holes in his story.
badgerbadger +4 karmaSeptember 2012
What a badass!
tankre -9 karmaSeptember 2012
what a shame for america and africa
dwkdwk +3 karmaSeptember 2012
ok first of all he was obviously joking and second of all hes hawaiian you racist asshole.
Lazzy3000 +1 karmaSeptember 2012He's Right You Know
Actually he was only born in Hawaii, he's actually half-Kenyan, half-American. Can't say I agree with above poster's view though...
beyeswdragon +7 karmaSeptember 2012
"I'm saying that if the President's doing it, it means it's not illegal!" Richard Nixon in Frost/Nixon

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