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smilesammiesam +2 karmaNovember 2012
Having an army boyfriend, this really makes things so much easier so don't make fun of us ):
jazmin33 +1 karmaNovember 2012
I actually have one of these
popgal -2 karmaNovember 2012
that's creepy man
CWalters +3 karmaNovember 2012
My husband is deployed and this would be awesome to have. Body length "body" would be great too. If you've never experienced a significant otherless bed after you are accustomed to one you will not understand. STFU and go back to the real reason you are online, fap fap fap, pervs.
megnya +2 karmaNovember 2012
I know EXACTLY what you mean! My husband was deployed for the first time last year, and he will be again in a little over a year. That would be pretty nice! ^_^
operadiva31 0 karmaNovember 2012
Actually, since my boyfriend just relocated for a job, it would be nice to have a fake "nook" to sleep in when he's not here...though if you're single it's pretty sad.
CWalters +1 karmaNovember 2012
I agree
CWalters +1 karmaNovember 2012
With diva...just to be clear.
Charlatan [m] -3 karmaNovember 2012
Hell yeah you get negative karma, bitch. You can't just simultaneously excite and devastate a bunch of sexless nerds by announcing that yes, you're a girl, but no, you're not available.
MelikaJ +2 karmaNovember 2012
Don't be judging us! Why should you get a nice nook, whilst we single girls have to be uncomfy?
thebladesaregay 0 karmaNovember 2012
Hm that's pretty sad.
xela1733 +4 karmaNovember 2012
A true boyfriend pillow would have its arm up her top un fastening her bra. No, wait, its a friendzoned pillow!
jreed14 +3 karmaNovember 2012
Good thing its only half of a torso...they wouldn't fit on that tiny chair

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