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owlhunter -5 karmaDecember 2012
johnsimmons +8 karmaDecember 2012
Bill Hicks, quality!
deleted_user +3 karmaDecember 2012
First thing i though of...
"Just thinkin' o' John, Jackie..... Just thinkin' o' John..... "
Gweckley -15 karmaDecember 2012
The cross symbolizes the sacrifice He made to pay for our sins. Last I checked JFK didn't die for my sins.
oxbaneox -2 karmaDecember 2012
Hmmm.... right right... but if I remember correctly there's a little commandment that states, "Thou shall not worship false idols." Which is pretty much anything other than the big man himself. Example: Jesus and the Cross. And no JFK didn't die for our sins, just our country. So I think what happens now is I say, "You sir are an idiot, and your argument is no longer valid."
dicksplatter -1 karmaDecember 2012
> JFK died for our country
seano -10 karmaDecember 2012Thumb Up
amen! motha fucka
Archontor 0 karmaDecember 2012
No he only died for opposing racism and an unpopular war that eventually everyone regretted.
johnsimmons +1 karmaDecember 2012
Surely Christians should wear an upside down cross à la St. Peter anyway
kerrymosh +11 karmaDecember 2012
and neither did your imaginary friend
deleted_user +7 karmaDecember 2012
This comment has been deleted.
seano -7 karmaDecember 2012Alrighty then
nice call, i will stomp your dick off cunt
kerrymosh +8 karmaDecember 2012
Slightly difficult considering I have a lovely vagina
James [m] -1 karmaDecember 2012You're Awesome
Hellz yeah
hywynf 0 karmaDecember 2012Thumbs Up
garystu -3 karmaDecember 2012
Don't be a dick.
herbie4206 +5 karmaDecember 2012Play Time's Over
Fuck that this is the internets.
danzinnyman -1 karmaDecember 2012
Finally someone else agrees with me

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