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guiltytendancies +1 karmaDecember 2012Self Five
My boyfriend has them in purple. they are so soft
deleted_user 0 karmaFebruary 2013
That suit in purple? And all you think about is they're soft, some other adjectives would've been more suiting
guiltytendancies 0 karmaFebruary 2013Gentleman's Approval
You don't understand how soft they are
HiTechRedneck 0 karmaJanuary 2013
How do I say, "oh, so you're gay" and not sound like an arse or a troll?
Badog +1 karmaDecember 2012
lykkeline +14 karmaDecember 2012
suit* up and take my money
thepapermachine 0 karmaDecember 2012Brain Explosion
This is both disgusting and brilliant/wonderful.
CuriousHarpie +3 karmaDecember 2012
I'm confused. This looks nothing like a purple dinosaur.
Rawry 0 karmaDecember 2012
Someone hasn't seen how I Met Your Mother.
dicksplatter -2 karmaDecember 2012
Someone hasn't watched some boring recent comedy show? O noes!
Rawry +3 karmaJanuary 2013
you hipster
thepapermachine -6 karmaDecember 2012Melting Thumb Up
Thank you!
fringe47 +4 karmaDecember 2012
But what about the one with diamond stripes?
Msbln +3 karmaDecember 2012
That's fuckin cheap for 80% silk.
rowsonclan 0 karmaDecember 2012
Where do I get it?
hazahaxa +9 karmaDecember 2012Clap (Joker)
Click the feckin' button right next to the picture.
deleted_user +8 karmaDecember 2012
It's cheaper and more efficient to sleep naked. Sleep naked, people. Be free.

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