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Netfreak920 +1 karmaMarch 2013
someone should make a meme of this, SUBWAY HITLER
BlackSeal 0 karmaMarch 2013
I like his coat.
Javanode +2 karmaMarch 2013OMG
I'm so leaving this train
MONNEX +3 karmaMarch 2013
You go out looking like that, you're bringing that shit on yourself.
BraintheBrian +4 karmaMarch 2013
Have you ever thought about what it must be like to play Hitler in a movie and be walking around in between shoots? "Here I am, getting a burrito at Chipotle, looking like Hitler." "Here I am, filling my gas tank, looking like Hitler." "Here I am picking up milk, dressed as Hitler."
Raok +1 karmaMarch 2013
Here I am, getting shot, because I look like Hitler.
aikido776 +2 karmaMarch 2013
The best part is imagining the person taking the photo and laughing while doing so as this guy is staring 'em down. Should of given him a watermelon and told him to say "DAS IST MEINE WASSERMELONE"
CrystalLubick 0 karmaMarch 2013
Definitely the loudest I've laughed at something on tickld lol
catnip17 0 karmaMarch 2013
He's surely a fan of Hitler.
BraintheBrian 0 karmaMarch 2013
Or plays him in a movie and this is in between shoots.
Galby 0 karmaMarch 2013
this is legit my 8th grade French and Math teacher. Taught me everything I know and I'm now 22 years old. GJ college.
deaddogdown 0 karmaMarch 2013
fatboi +1 karmaMarch 2013Brain Explosion
ranting_ginger +3 karmaMarch 2013
Dies seat ist mein!
meowxmeow +2 karmaMarch 2013
It was Charlie Chaplin's look first anyway, so if he wore a bowler hat, he would be fine.
cobby +1 karmaMarch 2013Applause Sign
Hey Hitler jokes aren't funny anne frankly they're quite mean.
kaijuu +4 karmaMarch 2013Ahahahahah
what does Hitler have for breakfast? Orange Jews and Luftwaffles. hahaha I crack myself up XD
ranting_ginger +1 karmaMarch 2013
Orange Jews? Hitler must have imported them from Florida and Southern California
GingerRocker -1 karmaMarch 2013
No they mostly are from Eastern Europe.
deleted_user -2 karmaMarch 2013
This comment has been deleted.
bibleverse1 +3 karmaMarch 2013
I would think that style of moustache would never come back.
YUMadBrah 0 karmaMarch 2013
Michael Jordan was rocking it for a while. Its not really that bad of a style if you can get past one bad guy wearing it.
meowxmeow -4 karmaMarch 2013
You obvi don't go to art school.
Mnementh +3 karmaMarch 2013
Instant Nazi.
saeniakite +3 karmaMarch 2013
He's like a cross between Hitler and the guy from allo allo
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