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spinharryspin 0 karmaJanuary 2013
Take the dragonball then wish for all of them!
eddieddi 0 karmaJanuary 2013
Pokemon, you control a pokemon with the power to re-shape the world as you see fit. also, Pokephillia. nuff said.
pontius12 0 karmaNovember 2012
green lantern ring, no contest. govt would take your pokemon, dragonball, and magic wand, and the frodo ring & lightsaber woould be at NASA for studying so we could advance out technology....... if your the green lantern, they cant fuck with you.
kevmcq7 0 karmaOctober 2012
lantern ring. pretty good imagination... suck at remember spells and sword fighting.
thelittlenay +1 karmaSeptember 2012
impossibru to choose!
leishdogg 0 karmaAugust 2012
ithinkthereforeiam 0 karmaJuly 2012
Green Lantern ring as then I would make all the other stuff and a tank!
siuol980 0 karmaJune 2012
TheCrawDaddy 0 karmaJune 2012
Do you have the wear the green lantern costume?
Either way pokeball, obviously.
tokko 0 karmaJune 2012
does the pokeball come with a pokemon?
Lynxyy 0 karmaJanuary 2012
dragon ball if it comes with the set
ykiezze +2 karmaJune 2012
A single one is useless
MrSplodez +2 karmaJanuary 2012
Donno, does the Lightsabre come with the force? If so then the Lightsabre.
poliches +1 karmaJanuary 2012
lokohim +2 karmaJanuary 2012
lightsabre! thing is one dragon on its own does nothing
Toddland +1 karmaJanuary 2012
Pokeball, anyday of the week!
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