Pokemon NXT

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yesthisisdog +1 karmaSeptember 2015
Lel Pokémon GO is coming out before this did.
Sevenfold +2 karmaSeptember 2015
To be fair Nintendo has more resources.
Saint23 +1 karmaOctober 2015
It's all gay as shit anyways
magnets [m] +1 karmaNovember 2015
No u r
Saint23 0 karmaNovember 2015
Only for you, dozen <3
coolsage1 +1 karmaApril 2015
cheeseybrain 0 karmaApril 2015
So...this isn't happening yet.
calvinthecalvin +1 karmaMarch 2015
Who would have guessed, we're still waiting.
supercal 0 karmaJanuary 2015
What ever happened with this? did they make the game?
devon159 0 karmaJanuary 2015
I need this
swyx 0 karmaJanuary 2015
so did this happen or what?
willbona 0 karmaOctober 2014
Is this happening yet
calvinthecalvin 0 karmaNovember 2014
Not yet
willbona -1 karmaNovember 2014
how bout now. also whats with that creepy gif Napoleon posted. I really dont like it
calvinthecalvin -1 karmaNovember 2014
No. I don't see it becoming a thing for a while.
willbona 0 karmaNovember 2014
This comment has been deleted.
willbona +1 karmaNovember 2014
lets meet back here when it does. Ill still check in every month
calvinthecalvin 0 karmaNovember 2014
Okay, i'm playing the new WoD expansion that just came out for WoW so i'm not sure i'll be able to see when it comes out to an exact date.
napoleon -1 karmaNovember 2014
kevinleeinthehouse +1 karmaOctober 2014
Do you need a voice actor? I can help free of charge since I love pokemon.
epikous +2 karmaSeptember 2014
how is this coming along? i remember when this was just out on the hot page, any progress?
paulmckinley96 +2 karmaSeptember 2014
Pokeman Digital Monsters! Pokeman are Champions!!!
willbona 0 karmaJuly 2014
the most ever people who were logged into the site at once was the day that this was published. Tickld made that happen
jKuechly3 +1 karmaJuly 2014
Did this ever get off the ground?
UserNameChange1 -9 karmaJuly 2014
Ksrjah +2 karmaJune 2014
Hello! I would love to take part in this wonderful project as much as you would let me! I'm a graphic designer, currently going to school to get my degree for it. I also am a creative writer who has won a good array of awards. If there is any need for concept art or plot planning I'd love to help out! I've also acquired a pretty extensive knowledge of pokemon if there is a question google can't answer.
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