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posterr -1 karma1 hour ago
Ksrjah +1 karmalast month
Hello! I would love to take part in this wonderful project as much as you would let me! I'm a graphic designer, currently going to school to get my degree for it. I also am a creative writer who has won a good array of awards. If there is any need for concept art or plot planning I'd love to help out! I've also acquired a pretty extensive knowledge of pokemon if there is a question google can't answer.
puckyouwithap 0 karmalast monthIt
At least you guys tried.
TheShowMustGoOn +1 karmalast month
I'm still waiting for wider coverage
JupiterG +2 karmaApril 2014
Holy shit, this became the 9th highest post of all time on Tickld, in less than a month after it was posted. Damnnnnn.
dansa +16 karmaApril 2014
Hey once I programmed a Fahrenheit to Celsius converter so if you need any help with Fahrenheit to Celsius I can probably help you if I remember how.
dansa 0 karmaApril 2014
This comment has been deleted.
aradials +1 karmaApril 2014
Just wait for the cease and desist letter from Nintendo.
nibelheim +1 karmaApril 2014
They can't stop non-commerical development. Just throw it up on mirrors.
MagicalNugget 0 karma4 weeks ago
Didn't stop Hasbro from send a cease and desist letter to a fanmade animation. And shit ton of fanmade games.
nibelheim 0 karma4 weeks ago
Cease and desist letters mean they lack the justification or want to actually sue.
Dariek 0 karmaApril 2014
You did it man, good job. It's all over everything.
NayNaySIXX +1 karmaApril 2014
Made an account specifically for this..Currently studying Computer Science, pretty competent at it too. Loved the demo, albeit it Pre-Alpha. Would love to help in any way :) Programming, development, voicing, anything. Best way to contact is through email: [email protected]
NayNaySIXX 0 karmaApril 2014
(Also from UK which could be beneficial)
anthonyalvarado9083 0 karmaApril 2014
where is the website info?!?!?!
Aswissrole +2 karmaApril 2014 how I change the source? That address is not longer valid.
tanneshademon 0 karmaApril 2014
OMG!! Wants with a passion!!!!
QBALLCADE147 0 karmaApril 2014
Looks fantastic I would absolutely love to work with you on this project I have a good creative mind and would jump at the chance to be involved and make your game one in a million. My Email is [email protected] if you would like to discuss your vision and with everybody elses help make it become a reality.
JaviDR 0 karmaApril 2014
Hey this looks amazing man congrats. I'm also someone who literally created an account just to help contribute in any way. I'm an actor and would love to help provide any voice work I can for this from pokemon trainers to pokemon themselves. Let me know if it is at possible! Hope this gets picked up
Kranzzaris 0 karmaApril 2014
I would love the opportunity to help out with this project. I have worked in unity before, and I have a degree in software engineering (currently going for my Masters). This seems like something I would love to be a part of, and I absolutely adore all of the Pokemon games.
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