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baritoneboy 0 karmaApril 2013
after alll the lyrics are "old macdonald HAD a cow" perhaps the ee-i-ee-i-oh is the... well... you get it
jonjonglc +1 karmaApril 2013
EricDC 0 karmaApril 2013
He misspelled "titties"
Davenater9 0 karmaApril 2013Fabulous Robin
Give him a break he's a bull
EricDC 0 karmaApril 2013
He misspelled "titties"
HulloThere +6 karmaApril 2013
That bull is about to be smashing him...
jtrom93 0 karmaApril 2013
Well damnit, you BEAT me to it...
Dragish 0 karmaApril 2013Haha You
These puns are throwing me out of WHACK.
jtrom93 0 karmaApril 2013
This comment has been deleted.
mcleised +2 karmaApril 2013
Is that Nigel Thornberry
chillwinston [m] +1 karmaApril 2013
That's his Latin cousin, Nigello Thornbarez.
UnwillingElk +7 karmaApril 2013The More You Know
Read the title...
Jaffa_The_Nut 0 karmaApril 2013
This man's leg to body ratio is totally out of whack.
Jaffa_The_Nut 0 karmaApril 2013
That cow looks flustered and abused.
chesirecat +5 karmaApril 2013