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thelittlenay -1 karmaJune 2012
this is so true. usually because im ust doodling
Darkwind130 -2 karmaJuly 2012
And because of the doodling you don't pay attention in class, and that's why you can't spell 'just'. Nor did you start either of your sentences with a capital letter, or end the last one with a full stop.
thelittlenay -1 karmaJuly 2012
Seriously? You actually care about how well a person structures their sentences on the internet? I can understand in class as that does irritate me but you are actually bothered online, when there are much more pressing matters to attend to?
Darkwind130 0 karmaJuly 2012
First impressions are important, most people who read your comment on the internet don't know you and therefore this comment their first impression of you. Make a good first impression to strangers. You never know how they might affect your future.
Jowens +2 karmaJuly 2012
I like how you started using proper punctuation after he said that.
hilife +2 karmaJanuary 2012
I do it so the teacher doesnt feel stupid cos my answer is so BADASS

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