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Some uplifting news to kick off 2017

As of September 2016, giant pandas are no longer endangered (now Vulnerable with numbers increasing).

Siberian tigers have gone from being Critically Endangered in 1996 to Endangered but Stable as of 2016. Grevy's zebra is also now stable. Hyacinth macaws and American bison have also made a huge comeback.

The following at-risk species are currently INCREASING in number: African elephants, southern white rhino, Californian condors, red pandas, mountain gorillas, Przewalski’s horse, black rhinos, indian rhinos, Cape Mountain zebras, and blue whales.

(Courtesy of IUCN Red List)

iiiiiittt's wood moth season!

Okay. So about five minutes ago I was describing the moth that's trapped in my room, and ended up saying the phrase:

"Nah, not too big. About sparrow-sized."

....Maybe it's time to move.