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MajorSanity 0 karmaDecember 2013
So they can suck people into buying the series like me... Worth it
dmbats -1 karmaDecember 2013
because after season 4, the show gets worse...and worse...and WORSE! Just stop after John Lithgow.
MajorSanity -1 karmaDecember 2013
I thought it was good all the way up to the end
dmbats 0 karmaDecember 2013
I couldn't stand the last 2 seasons. I kept asking myself why I continued watching!
nikkigonecrazy 0 karmaDecember 2013
Go to project free tv, it has them all!
Knight_Artorias90 0 karmaDecember 2013
I think it's because dexter goes downhill after season 4 still an awesome show tho.
loreofthepast +1 karmaDecember 2013
You can also go on british netflix and they have up to season 6
thjman8 0 karmaDecember 2013WTF Is This Shit?
wait wait wait wait, hold on. What is British Netflix?!
loreofthepast +11 karma10 gift!December 2013
I use an extension on chrome that allows me to set my location in other countries, right now I'm waiting Avatar the last airbender which isn't on the USA version of netflix but is on the British version.
MajorSanity 0 karmaDecember 2013
The animated one was on the us version years ago so I guess they took it down
dmbats 0 karmaDecember 2013Thumb Up (Batman)
you deserve so much more than a comment for this little life-hack! But unfortunately that's all I can give you!
harv 0 karmaDecember 2013 (free ;))
fertile_squirtle 0 karmaDecember 2013
I love you harv
duckman13 0 karmaDecember 2013
Not really worth watching after season 4 anyway.
Justright99 0 karmaDecember 2013
They are adding more seasons in January.
Theburninbeaver -1 karmaDecember 2013
Stop now man, the ending of season 4 made me, a grown man, cry for days. Also it's where most people stop watching due to the decision the producer made. GREAT tv show up to season 4!! 5/5
jaydevenish 0 karmaDecember 2013
I watched the last episode in season 4 last night!! I did not see that coming...also a grown man in tears