Don't do it

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JuroJanosik 0 karmaMay 2013
I just leaned back slightly, did I win?
gusty01 0 karmaDecember 2012
I tilted the screen back! Everyone else who was too clever to do so, and went about more meticulous routes of discovering this devious plot has bested me, as has this picture. Oh the shame, the shame. (Not being super sarcastic, or dickish, as it probably sounds when reading with a very sarcastic voice).
xNeroX 0 karmaSeptember 2012
Why not?
smurfus +1 karmaSeptember 2012
haha didnt hav to
ithinkthereforeiam +3 karmaJuly 2012
Deal With It
Ha I pasted it into word and reduced the brightness. So I think you'll find I WIN!
nivlac96 +1 karmaJune 2012
If you focus hard enough you don't have to tilt.
fallenangel871 +2 karmaJune 2012
I didn't! I tilted it forward instead
Deathya +2 karmaMarch 2012
No need for tilt.
chgz +2 karmaFebruary 2012
my screan dosent tilt
Fetus_Puncher 0 karmaFebruary 2012
ScoobySnax +2 karmaJanuary 2012
How do you tilt?
ScoobySnax +2 karmaJanuary 2012
I am serious. No trolling involved.
hilife 0 karmaJanuary 2012
not sure if serious...
FluffyQuacker +2 karmaJanuary 2012