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digitalbum 0 karmaJune 2013
Clearly Justin Bieber is a moron. But someone likes him, is it 13 year olds or closet female Beliebers?
TheDarkWyrm +14 karmaJune 2013
You think that would get Greenpeace and PETA to shut up for a while?
DUBWoBWoBwobWOBWUb +18 karma5 gift!June 2013
No PETA are like trolls IRL. These are the people who consider hugging your pet abuse, because 'it doesn't like it.' As for Greenpeace, I hear death from natural causes or other less natural causes, shuts them up, but other than that SOL my friend.
SuckerManiac331 +1 karmaJune 2013
Are You F*cking Kidding Me
When you mentioned that they think hugging pets is abuse, I googled it. I clicked the first link and... just read this. http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20121123053531AAYqm55
SuckerManiac331 -4 karmaJune 2013
Someone make this into a post and mention me.
TheDarkWyrm +5 karmaJune 2013
I find Greenpeace to be so over-zealous as to be entertaining. My favorite accomplishments of theirs to dates are painting seals red so they get eaten by polar bears and rescuing a small creature (I think it was a seal) from an oil spill, only to have it be IMMEDIATELY be eaten by on orca on live television.
DUBWoBWoBwobWOBWUb +4 karmaJune 2013
Haha, That's A Good One
Oh god, the seal being eaten is so. Fucking. Funny.