Not always effective

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Dragula83 +1 karmaJune 2013
Power Cry
I can not up-vote this enough to do justice!
batuga6273 0 karmaJune 2013
he used foresight
bigfatalbert -3 karmaJune 2013
Here's a tip: If your car is ever on fire, please don't use an extinguisher. The only thing that will put it out is the fire department. Please just stay away and call 9-1-1 or whichever emergency line for your country. (and try to keep idiotic by-standers away...)
hazahaxa +1 karmaJune 2013
Once I was in the queue for a ferry when the van parked behind us caught fire. Some bloke just legged it into the nearest building, came out again with the fire extinguisher and put it out.
bigfatalbert 0 karmaJune 2013
Good for him, risky, but good for him. I just would have let it burn, not worth potential injury or death for a car.
SuckerManiac331 0 karmaJune 2013
Most useless application
Maithiu 0 karmaJune 2013
Kinda reminds me of that episode of Only Fools and Horses when the mobile phones weren't working because the "statelite dish" was out of line.
SuckMyDuck +2 karmaJune 2013
Oh god I love this! xD