Meanwhile in South Africa

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Meeee +1 karmaSeptember 2012
Not quite sure how serious the article is. Could just be a racist joke of sorts, making fun of South Africans for not reading? Or just a newspaper with a sense of humour?
emilyj1024 0 karmaSeptember 2012
I HIGHLY doubt it's a racial joke about South Africans not reading. That's quite a reach.
Meeee +1 karmaSeptember 2012
Well, perhaps more of a stereotyping? I just wasn't sure, it seemed like quite an odd thing to add to the end of what's quite a serious news story, and seemed almost satirical.
theWanderer011 0 karmaSeptember 2012
I just can't believe that people would believe this shit. We don't have a fucking library!
JackassVampire +2 karmaSeptember 2012
damn I love my country :3
Blackmetal699 +3 karmaSeptember 2012
Clap (Joker)
I love my country xD
EvanTate 0 karmaSeptember 2012
Coz that's how we South Africans roll. And if you don't like it, we'll blow the fuck up.