So much want

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wellerman 0 karmaJune 2014
they are so bad. it is an amazing idea i wish someone would make a good one.
alexhazard1 +1 karmaNovember 2012
Had one. It's terrible
Anonymouse +1 karmaNovember 2012
I had one, it doesnt work.
it programs wierd, and then within 2 months the "turning" mechanism jams.

beachbum141 0 karmaNovember 2012
want one!
imdoinqests 0 karmaNovember 2012
I have one and its shit
Dont bother, runs out of battery so fast, hard to set up and glitches out
Torpedo23 0 karmaNovember 2012
And the best daughter in the world goes to.... me, just purchased this for my Dad for Christmas
grimat +2 karmaNovember 2012 for those of you in the UK.
superduck1 0 karmaNovember 2012
You know on the "customers who bought this also bought" It has three different types of condom?
jemarttt +1 karmaNovember 2012
sucks when you can't find the gun and the alarm wont stop beeping...
alano1992 0 karmaNovember 2012
Think thats kinda the point,you'll have to get up and look for it. or just do what my college roommate did and throw it out the window.
anniseed9 0 karmaNovember 2012
Quick visit Ebay and emailed link to my mum . Fingers crossed for Christmas
crazymadman 0 karmaNovember 2012
Where did you get it?
Mrtplank 0 karmaNovember 2012
haha I actually have this