Women's rights

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captainkangaroopimp 0 karmaDecember 2012
I didn't know Elendil was a women's right activist.
smithi94 +1 karmaDecember 2012
Anyone seen the Hobbit yet? Bret has a MUCH bigger and more obvious part in this than in the LOTR trilogy
edjones95 0 karmaDecember 2012
Oh Bret...
12345678910 +2 karmaDecember 2012
does anyone know where you can get jumpers like brett's, especially that penguin one, i've been looking for ages! sincerely, albi the racist dragon
Charlatan [m] +6 karmaDecember 2012
Flight of the Conchords is fucking awesome, and I recommend it to all humans ever.
ethannn +12 karmaDecember 2012
They're kiwis, it'd be mum, not mom
deleted_user +3 karmaDecember 2012
Too right, mate
deleted_user 0 karmaDecember 2012
Dis Gon B Gud
that is exactly why I came to the comments for this, mum it is f#cking spelt mum
( go the abs)