Happy Valentines

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wellertron 0 karmaAugust 2013
I need your cakes in my life
dobre -3 karmaMay 2013
haha, another attention seeking face shot at the end. LOL
madmacca01 -1 karmaFebruary 2013
This comment has been deleted.
chaosavatar123 -3 karmaFebruary 2013
Who come the face is blurred now?
mnbv0987 +1 karmaFebruary 2013
Hi let's go on a date. But I gotta be honest, I'm only in it for the cake.
chrizm32 +1 karmaFebruary 2013
I, and every other member on Tickld, will date you. Where are you? I live in NE Ohio. Just kidding, I have a fiance, but I do have a friend who is single.
mrpetter +1 karmaFebruary 2013
If the OP is the girl in the picture, than this must have been one of the most epic confidence boosts ever. My genuine congratulations!:)
ElSyd 0 karmaFebruary 2013
How are you alone on Valentine's Day, you're gorgeous, and you make awesome cake. Oh, I just answered my own question, all your boyfriends must get fat and eventually have to leave ;)
kmjohnson456 +2 karmaFebruary 2013
i even bothered to scroll back up to the freaking top to like this one!!!
psycholad 0 karmaFebruary 2013
"The cake is a lie..."
Deax2er 0 karmaFebruary 2013
You Are Flawless
I want some cake....
fangus503 0 karmaFebruary 2013
man, id be her forever alone
InfectedSaintNic +2 karmaFebruary 2013
This chick is awesome.
lilkliney015 +2 karmaFebruary 2013
She is sexy as hell!!!
dexcutie +3 karmaFebruary 2013
Y SO Single? (insert meme here)
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