I miss Luke

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owen180 0 karmaDecember 2013
in a room full of soldiers!!!
Halo_Insider 0 karmaDecember 2013
Feels (Damnit Guys)
No love for Magnolia or Born on the Fourth of July, Luke? That hurts.
kadellis +4 karmaDecember 2013
Applause (Despicable Me)
YES! Gilmore on Tickld! Never have I been more excited to hover on the outskirts of the tickld community--taking part with my upvotes of joy...
ollynj27 +6 karma2 gift!December 2013
We need a Gilmore Girls fandom! I miss this show so much, their fast talking witty banter always made me in a good mood
carolynn1735 0 karmaDecember 2013
Yes please
kiaora +2 karmaDecember 2013
meghani2006 +2 karmaDecember 2013
yes! yes! yes! fantastic show!
deleted_user +3 karmaDecember 2013
I liked that show.
surprisedmouse +5 karmaDecember 2013
Wow! I've watched this show about three times all the way through and the fact that Tickld loves it too has just made my entire day!
statesofgrace +5 karmaDecember 2013
I never would have thought that Tickld would like Gilmore Girls so much. I swear this site just gets better and better.
meowxmeow +2 karmaDecember 2013
I like to think I started this...let's keep the GG/Luke posts going yeah?
teachdaire -5 karmaDecember 2013
ZyaunaD +6 karmaDecember 2013
I would say I miss this show (and Luke) as well... But I still watch this show pretty much daily. Every time I finish the series I say "Well, one more time won't hurt..." Not sure I will ever be able to stop!
LittleLaura +1 karmaDecember 2013
Me too :)
mushufortwo +3 karmaDecember 2013
Yay! Gilmore girls fans!
Razgriz117 +3 karmaNovember 2013
I miss that whole show.
ysoltbrar +2 karmaNovember 2013
i miss him too lol
Because_Cats 0 karmaNovember 2013
Is this from Gilmore Girls?
Kirsteii 0 karmaDecember 2013
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