This was found on a Christian facebook page. I wonder if they are serious.

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Antarius 0 karmaMarch 2013
Those poor things. The top dino can't possibly give the bottom dino a reach-around, no car he do anything himself. =(Somebody please think of the T-Rexes!
Codyn62 +1 karmaMarch 2013
If this doesn't get you into Christianity, I don't know what will!
jennykraige 0 karmaMarch 2013
To be fair, pedophile and homosexual are not the same thing.
bryony1 0 karmaMarch 2013
sometimes the people who I share mt religion with sucks....
lair2 0 karmaMarch 2013
There are so many things wrong with this. I don't even.
chasetheguitarplayer 0 karmaMarch 2013
ughughugh... please no. please be a joke.
blehgmah +4 karmaMarch 2013
That picture is so fake, no one had cameras back then...
tboyd 0 karmaMarch 2013
at least not color cameras.
SJ3059 0 karmaMarch 2013
Well, if this were true, it would explain why there aren't any more. I'm not saying I believe it, but it is kind of impossible to reproduce like that. Unless, of course, this is Jurassic Park.
shawshaw 0 karmaMarch 2013
and i can be a jerk sometimes haha
shawshaw 0 karmaMarch 2013
plus this is fake
coolsage1 0 karmaMarch 2013
Nah ah
Which page? Please tell me. I won't cause any trouble. Honest.
thisismywish88 +1 karmaMarch 2013
Suuurrre...... If I knew, I'd tell everyone just to see the trouble they cause!!
OISKY 0 karmaMarch 2013
I enjoy the fact that a male and female dinosaur would also have to have sex like this. silly christians
xpdracon +1 karmaMarch 2013
The picture is hilarious, though. ;)
MagentaFlamingo +5 karmaMarch 2013
Can we all just stop a sec and acknowledge the picture they have chosen. A dinosaur being bummed by another dinosaur, brilliant.
eisforerock 0 karmaMarch 2013
This is silly, dinosaurs as a species lived for over 30x the span that anything remotely human has existed on this planet. Also, no dinosaurs in the Bible, and these pseudo-facts depicted are utterly ridiculous.
shawshaw 0 karmaMarch 2013
some mention of dragons...could be the dinosaurs you seek.
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