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tomness94 +1 karmaApril 2013
This has to be one of the most creative things i have ever seen. Why is not in a museum ?!
Merge18 0 karmaApril 2013
Snoop Lion!!
Blingjug 0 karmaApril 2013Bullsh*t
Close, except the hat, and shirt don't count.
malloryoscar 0 karmaApril 2013
This comment has been deleted.
malloryoscar 0 karmaApril 2013F*ck Everything
you fucking copied my post!!!!!! posted this before you eurgh da anger!
MrJERICHOJIM -4 karmaApril 2013
Snoop Lion*
dickcole +1 karmaApril 2013
im literally so happy this is a real thing
RAFI_5707 0 karmaApril 2013
Chuckasaurus +1 karmaApril 2013
Lol,this is actually very artistic and creatively good.
deti -1 karmaApril 2013
snoop lion now
BlackGlitch +2 karmaApril 2013
I had a double-take, and then a triple-take at this picture. Would've went for a fourth one but I almost knew what to expect by then.
erpskee 0 karmaApril 2013
So artistic.
ThomYorkesLazyEye 0 karmaApril 2013
I8U4Lunch +1 karmaApril 2013
Snoop Doggs, Snoop Doggs everywhere!
mirvine [m] +4 karmaApril 2013
Yo dawg, I heard you liked Snoop Dogg.
Abc123 +1 karmaApril 2013
Dammit! You beat me to it.