7 of the worst pains in the world...

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AdamNowakowski 0 karmaJune 2015
Ha! Gaaayyyy!
Stepping on lego worst weapon for superman could be massive lego made of kryptonite this could cause so much pain for him .
Btw so much pain in this .
briforce -1 karmaMarch 2013
all of these are minor pain. where is needle to the eye? dagger through the thigh, grenade going off in your pants....
girlygirl 0 karmaJuly 2012
the boobs hurts like hell! But we don't like to admit it.
acheronomy +3 karmaApril 2012
I don't know if this is true, But I've heard from a few different people that having a baby hurts quite a bit
iAteUrSandwich +2 karmaApril 2012
Putting a toothpick underneath your toenail and kicking a wall...
yourmum 0 karmaApril 2012
Nope, the worst pain combines flip flops, a wasp and the sole of your foot!
RaveBeforeBreakfast +8 karmaApril 2012
You forgot: listening to Justin bieber
RedRoman77 0 karmaApril 2012
I can safely that the pain I suffered for the few weeks after I donated my kidney to my little sister was nothing compared to standing on her Harry Potter Lego a few years ago.
dannydunne 0 karmaApril 2012
dislocating my ankle whilst snapping the ligaments was nothing compared to a hot chocolate... just incase your wondering, that was sarcastic
madjon 0 karmaApril 2012
getting shot is childs play compared to these
eXoku +2 karmaApril 2012
Snapping your achillies heal cord hurts a bit too...
sidesplitter 0 karmaApril 2012
A plug is much worse than a sharp rock! Although i agree stepping on lego is the worst
eddieddi 0 karmaDecember 2012
clearly non of these compare to haveing a four by two cm lump of razor blade rip through your sholder and embed itself in the inside of your shoulder-blade, therefore logicaly I have not expiranced pain, however i have stepped on lego, it is on par with the razor blade.