NOTE: This is an American book :)

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elok608 0 karmaMay 2013
This comment has been deleted.
elok608 0 karmaMay 2013
I Have this book aswell. Theres something weird on one of the last pages.
matthewynn 0 karmaMay 2013
Holy shit, Graeme Base you are one crafty mother fucker.
LordTunar 0 karmaMay 2013
xanthe_p +3 karmaMay 2013
Honestly thought that was gonna be a dick...
grahol 0 karmaMay 2013
why does this shit surprise you people?!!??!?!?!
batw128428 +3 karmaMay 2013
Does anyone else see the dude that's drowning?
kuropotato77 0 karmaMay 2013
I loved that book!! I must find it again to see the Dalek!
lvstruk 0 karmaMay 2013
lions and tigers and bears oh my!!! absolute genius!!!!
tintanius 0 karmaMay 2013
i want to buy this book
hechtor31 0 karmaMay 2013
I remember this book! Kelly Kangaroo and Kid Kookaburra.... something something.
hlewis06 +1 karmaMay 2013
Am I the only one who sees the drowning boy behind the dalek?
Inferno186 0 karmaMay 2013
Well, I will be checking my book when I get home.
jkouw 0 karmaMay 2013
I'm going over to my grandmothers to get this book from her now
chrizm32 0 karmaMay 2013
I think I had this book.
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