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Aduro +1 karma 27 minutes ago
Plus if you see a picture of Jesus its probably white.
Aduro 0 karma 4 hours ago
He was in realised he was trouble as soon as he saw Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Miserable and Mr. Fussy were on the jury and Little Miss Chatterbox was the key witness.
Aduro +5 karma 12 hours ago
If there isn't a heart shaped chip in her tail she's also technically gender cross-dressing.
Aduro 0 karma 20 hours ago
True, when Supes outed Batman in the Injustice prequel comics he just posted "Bruce Wayne is Batman" on Twitter.
Aduro +2 karma 2 days ago
The explanation for this is probably just that the Doctor is totally crazy. This new one seems especially unbalanced all the time.
Aduro 0 karma 5 days ago
I hope Pikachu has some balloons. Like in Snap.
Aduro +2 karma 6 days ago
Yeah but Hitler didn't like to kill people directly. He'd order a few million deaths in a camp but he would never eat something that used to be a cow.
Aduro +3 karma 6 days ago
Just go back to 1929 and get him laid, that should mellow him out a little.
Aduro 0 karma 6 days ago
Nope, Mukuro is a woman in an anime called Yu Yu Hakusho with half her face burnt.
Aduro +2 karma 6 days ago
At least he got a badass coat out of it.
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alouette +1 karmaJune 2014
Thanks for the karma! Ostriches are assholes.
idunno1997 +1 karmaMay 2014Buddy Christ
Thanks for the karma
Aduro 0 karmaMay 2014
No problem Jesus!
UserModerator [a] 0 karmaMay 2014
Your post entitled "I'm just pandering to DBZ fans really." was hidden from public view after an action by a Tickld User Moderator because it was a repost. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
deleted_user +1 karmaDecember 2012
"The worst day of my life was when I found a mass snowman grave. I later realised it was a field of carrots." -My type of humour. Well done. (':
Aduro +1 karmaDecember 2012
I actually made a post!

Is it spamming if it's on your own profile?

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