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AlexHarris6666 0 karma November 2013
I was on a media course and the first time the lecturer said "Extreme close-up." I was the only person in the room to respond with "WHOOOAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" fml
AlexHarris6666 +8 karma October 2013
Americans insisting that their spelling is the right way is like Buckethead trying to tell Slash how to play Sweet Child.
AlexHarris6666 0 karma April 2013
This character annoys me. Acceptable in this format, though :)
AlexHarris6666 +2 karma April 2013
Double negative.
AlexHarris6666 +3 karma April 2013
Except when you forget to save.
AlexHarris6666 -1 karma April 2013
Speech mark, what are you doing? you are not a comma. Go home, speech mark, we don't like you.
AlexHarris6666 -1 karma April 2013
I can't tell the difference.
AlexHarris6666 +4 karma April 2013
Michael collins... Walkin' on me face.
AlexHarris6666 0 karma April 2013
The original Karate Kid was the best. The new one was watchable, however I found that it just mocked the original, for example when Jackie Chan uses a swatter instead of catching the fly with chopsticks. Also the unrealistic final move at the end (I don't want to spoil it).
AlexHarris6666 +1 karma March 2013
I'm English, not British. Yeah, there's a difference.
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virusman20 0 karmaNovember 2012
RedRoman77 +1 karmaNovember 2012
I would say thanks for making me famous. But I kinda did that myself
AlexHarris6666 +1 karmaNovember 2012
Thank you for getting me the best part of 1000 likes!

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