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AvengedCardinal +12 karma 3 hours ago
Considering calling you a faggot lol
AvengedCardinal +7 karma 3 hours ago
They may not be a droid but he's what I'm looking for.
AvengedCardinal +2 karma 3 hours ago
Not with that attitude.
AvengedCardinal 0 karma 3 hours ago
Thank you for the video in your About Me.
I needed that.
AvengedCardinal +1 karma 3 hours ago
I thought that was a regular occurrence though?
AvengedCardinal +3 karma 3 hours ago
I have the weirdest boner right now.
AvengedCardinal 0 karma 3 hours ago
Is this how fame feels?
AvengedCardinal 0 karma 3 hours ago
I can kick the face off a badger?
AvengedCardinal +2 karma 3 hours ago
A collage of Dickbutts in all their varieties.
AvengedCardinal +2 karma 3 hours ago
Ew a hetero marriage? Dude that's gay.
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AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karmaYesterday
This is a thing.
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karmaYesterdayFeels (Patrick)
Are you proud of me now, mum? Are you?
teawithcrumpets94 0 karma2 hours agoStop it
This is weird. Stop it. Just. Stop.
GrapeReaction [m] +1 karmaYesterdayWink
AvengedCardinal [m] +1 karmaYesterdayShhh
GrapeReaction [m] +1 karmaYesterdayWatch Out
al_goonie +1 karma3 days ago
Thanks for the Karma Electras
AvengedCardinal [m] +1 karma3 days ago
Thanks for telling it to KarmaCunt.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma4 days ago
I used to think the '(m)' next to your name stood for male....
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma4 days agoGenius
AddedStop gifting me marma, I don't want your charity.
GrapeReaction [m] +1 karma1 weeks agoShhh
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma6 days agoShifty Eyes
GrapeReaction [m] +1 karma6 days agoWink
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma6 days agoOooh Myyy (George Takai)
GrapeReaction [m] +1 karma6 days agoWiig Flirt
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma6 days agoJack
GrapeReaction [m] +1 karma6 days agoYou
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
I'm in Benidorm for the next week or so. None of you cunts actually visit my profile but I thought I'd put it out there anyway in case someone actually noticed.
Which you won't.
AddedAlso if you're on my profile, fuck you Tea. Marma gifting bitch.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma2 weeks ago
Darn you know me too well. Well I'm dome with gifting you karma. You don't deserve it. Bitch
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma6 days ago
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma6 days ago
How the fuck did you vote this comment if your abroad? Lying two faced dickpond
AvengedCardinal [m] -1 karma5 days ago
I had WiFi in a bar I wss getting horrifically drunk in.
But I'm back now, don't be sad bae.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma5 days ago
Sure. Sure. Who are you again?
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma5 days ago
Anyone and everyone for you bae.
But I'm not going to reply on DM until morning because it doesn't work on my phone.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma5 days ago
I don't want you to reply on DM anyway. I'm not your bae. I'm not even your ba. More like your b(itch ass friend who gown beat you). Not that I condone abuse.
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma5 days ago
You don't get a choice on whether I reply. Bitch don't make me go up north.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma5 days ago
YOU WON'T FIND ME. I moved towns
AvengedCardinal [m] +50 karma50 gift!5 days ago
I'll find you. I always do.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma5 days ago
That's nice. Good night.
tickldbot 0 karma2 weeks ago
Your post entitled "I don't know why not, they should realise what they are." was removed after being reported by a member of the Tickld community because it was: Hateful. Please review the Upload Guidelines and Terms of Use. This is an automated message.
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
It was at -50, why were users still fucking trying?
fartmcdickshit 0 karma2 weeks ago
Change it back pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
fartmcdickshit 0 karma2 weeks ago
Because I don't like dicks or butts or any combo but I like shrts and spaec
AvengedCardinal [m] +1 karma2 weeks ago
fartmcdickshit 0 karma2 weeks ago
It will be done for tommorow or not I'm just really tired and can hear colours really vibrantly
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma2 weeks agoDude What (Sagan)
Sleep is for the weak.
fartmcdickshit 0 karma2 weeks ago
Fuck sleep listen to colours
AddedI have synthesisa anywho but it's really strong now and classicalmusic is amazing
AvengedCardinal [m] +1 karma2 weeks agoYea. That
fartmcdickshit 0 karma2 weeks ago
Live life to the max
fartmcdickshit 0 karma2 weeks agoApplause (Despicable Me)
No errors there
GorillaForSale +1 karma2 weeks ago
I swear I will never understand the psychotic level of leech like attachment people have to the app or how furious they get when someone tells them they posted in the wrong section.
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
Faggots don't like being told they're faggots. And people strongly believe they're some kind of elitist when they have the app because that makes them better than smart people who use the mobile site.
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
Update: Blocked list goes now to:

I'm doing well amongst my people.

AddedBailohay unblocked me. What a bitch.
teawithcrumpets94 +2 karma2 weeks ago
Stop giving me karma. I don't know who the fuck you are and it's weird. (But thanks, you little shit)
AvengedCardinal [m] +25 karma25 gift!2 weeks agoEyebrows Zoom
Oooh bae you know exactly who I am.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma2 weeks ago
Fuck if I do. Oh wait yes. You are the resident pervert of tickld
AvengedCardinal [m] +1 karma2 gift!2 weeks ago
Not yet.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma2 weeks ago
You passed or many a year ago
AvengedCardinal [m] +2 karma2 gift!2 weeks agoEvil Laugh
You're next.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma2 weeks agoWink (Jennifer Lawrence)
I look forward to it
AvengedCardinal [m] +10 karma10 gift!2 weeks agoOooh Myyy (George Takai)
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma2 weeks agoComputer Love
AvengedCardinal [m] +10 karma10 gift!3 weeks ago
Tickledman finally blocked me. Number five confirmed.
AvengedCardinal [m] +1 karma4 weeks ago
I'm not going to be on for the next three days, I'm going camping at a small music festival so there won't be WiFi and I'm unwilling to use 3G. I doubt anyone will notice but the thought is nice.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma2 weeks ago
Nobody cares.
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
Ew who the fuck are you, stop stalking my profile bitch.
teawithcrumpets94 +1 karma2 weeks agoLet Me Love You
But.. But.. But..
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma4 weeks ago
Apparently I've been blocked by Thomasjaffary although I have no idea why. Sounds like a real cool guy.
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma5 weeks ago
Swear to God if all this #farmalyfe means I break 8000 marma whilst I sleep I'm going to be rather peeved.
AvengedCardinal [m] 0 karma4 weeks agoF*ck Everything
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