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Billboard +2 karma July 2013
The internet is made of bytes and bytes can't be put into a volume measurement (as shown here: ). Also I how can you measure the smell of the centre of the milky way? (I'm not saying I don't believe it, I'm genuinely asking how that can be done.)
Billboard 0 karma July 2013
I think that they're trying to describe the newer series of doctor who, hence the utterly crap sonic screwdrivers! It was probably written by someone not knowing that just because Christopher Eccleston was series 1, there were many more prior to that.
Billboard 0 karma June 2013
Well, that just blew my mind!
Billboard +9 karma June 2013
The Line is, "You shall not pass." But that it a pretty cool story.
Billboard -6 karma June 2013
Romeo was 30
Billboard -2 karma May 2013
Or just polite...
Billboard +1 karma May 2013
You need to broaden your mind.
Billboard +4 karma May 2013
It's not, the flag isn't actually the real flag, because the diagonal red strips aren't aligned properly. It also needs to have a flag pole for it to be relative.
Billboard -8 karma May 2013
Billboard +1 karma May 2013
Sorry to be the one to say this, bit the cat looks to be fapping...
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