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  • When Harry met Airplane
  • He chose wisely
  • I'm looking at you gas station hot dogs.
  • Except for a couple loud bigots, we're generally pretty inclusive.
  • Twitter at its finest
  • Best warship ever.
  • Thanks god...
  • A very much needed comment gif on tickld
  • Sometimes the differences between men and women are subtle
  • The coffee cup that represents the masses.
  • Corgi with stuff on head
  • ohfu*kohfu*kohfu*kohfu*kohfu*kohfu*kohfu*k

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Bluervbbit1 +23 karma May 2014
he didn't even say it for god's sake - stupid bloody daily mail
Bluervbbit1 +1 karma April 2014
Bluervbbit1 +2 karma March 2014
I think that Bluestone 42 has become my life
Bluervbbit1 +4 karma February 2014
It's a bridge over bubbled water ;)
Bluervbbit1 +7 karma February 2014
I'm a girl on my period and im in tears.. thanks
Bluervbbit1 +1 karma January 2014
It's posts like these that really make tickld - well done sir
Bluervbbit1 0 karma January 2014
Offend both the sherlock and doctor who fandoms and you're gonna have a bad time! prepare yourself for the shitstorm.
Bluervbbit1 +4 karma December 2013
get your sh*t together tyrone
Bluervbbit1 -1 karma December 2013
such fear - very nope
Bluervbbit1 +1 karma November 2013
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