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C1Paddler 0 karma January 2014
:.( can we still keep Jenna Coleman, please
C1Paddler +3 karma August 2013
Nah, Ryanair are to cheap to hire those type of air hostesses, & to have toilets, let alone ones that can fit three people :P
C1Paddler -7 karma May 2013
I bet it was punishment for wearing Union-Jack swimming pants :P
C1Paddler 0 karma May 2013
I swear someone was doing this exact dance WITH the bus stop while I was on my way to college. :O
C1Paddler +1 karma April 2013
O'Gara u beast. MUNSTER
C1Paddler -4 karma February 2013
The only reason american football has the most concussions a year, is because rugby players just gets back up and jumps straight back into the tackling.
C1Paddler -2 karma February 2013
There is no way in hell that American football is far more brutal than rugby. What is the longest period of time A. football plays go for between breaks compared to rugby? How much time does the average A. football player have on the felid compared to rugby players? Finally, dose any A. football players continues to play with a broken ankle??
C1Paddler 0 karma December 2012
I miss Dublin, no matter where, when or what. There is always some good craic to have
C1Paddler 0 karma December 2012
I miss Dublin, no matter where, when or what. There is always a bit of craic to be had.
C1Paddler 0 karma December 2012
The cat's reaction after it hits the dog is priceless
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