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You're not the only one.

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Charlatan 0 karma just now
Between my brother and I, we probably have somewhere around 10,000 pieces. Nothing wrong with enjoying things that happened to be part of your childhood (though in my opinion, nostalgia for its own sake only erodes better memories). I just think the "childhood this, childhood that, somehow my childhood is being retroactively affected by media released in my 20s" rhetoric is tiresome and stupid.
Charlatan +2 karma 38 minutes ago
Lol you hate a stranger on the Internet?

I'm doing something right.
Charlatan +3 karma 51 minutes ago
It sure is... Which is why I encourage people to have a healthy and broad palette of things to hate. They're better for it, and I don't have to hear about one subject over and over. Everybody wins.
Charlatan +2 karma 1 hour ago
90s kids will know.
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
Only a handful of them have depicted conversations that are remotely realistic... Most are so contrived that pointing it out is like saying I'm bad at drawing.
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
Charlatan 0 karma 1 hour ago
Would you like me to repost it with the last panel from the gay one tacked on the end?
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
[Directed by Michael Bay]
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
Then I'm going postal.
Charlatan +3 karma 1 hour ago
This is pretty awful.
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GrapeReaction [m] +1 karma10 hours ago
I hope you have a pleasant day! :)
Tally1352 +1 karma19 hours ago
You sir, are amazing.
NetherScorpion 0 karmaYesterday
I've reported all your recent posts as inappropriate because they're comics and they're in the wrong section. You also don't source the creator of the comics in your posts, and simply pass them off as your own. Read the fucking rules you plagiarist spaztard.
Charlatan [m] +28 karma25 gift!Yesterday
If I haven't seen it before, it's not a comic.

Or, like, whatever!
NetherScorpion +1 karmaYesterday
Oh okay, I'll let you off this time. But don't make me use my invisible mod powers again.
Robeto 0 karmaYesterdayGentleman's Approval
I enjoy the comics you post.
PresidentMarshtomp 0 karmaYesterday
God damn, Charltan, these comics are brilliant to read! Keep it up, man! :D
Pliped 0 karmaYesterday
The Comics are my new favorite thing on tickld, keep up the good work!
tyshef 0 karma2 days ago
I'm gonna favorite you on the chance you keep up those comics..
Charlatan [m] +1 karma2 days ago
That is such a good idea. Other Ticklrs could learn a thing or two from your initiative.

I have a text document on my desktop with like a dozen other ideas, so for the time being I'm going to keep posting them.
idieshoop -2 karma10 gift!2 days ago
Stop posting those stupid long ass comics. It makes me not want to go on tickld anymore
Charlatan [m] +5 karma2 days ago
Thanks for the encouragement! Always nice to have a goal.
Davy_Crocket 0 karma2 days ago
You have zero posts and your only bookmark is a shitty Doctor Who GIF. Quite frankly, we all want you to get the fuck off this site. Idiots like you who support Doctor Who fandom bullshit dilute the amount of good content like Charlatan's comics.
NetherScorpion +5 karma2 days ago
I like them. So do many other people. Nobody gives a fuck if you're here or not dude, you're an unknown, avatarless, invalid, bellend. If you died tomorrow, no-one here would notice. Think on that before you decide on telling people what not to post.
Stelio_Kontos -2 karma2 days agoGo Away (Colbert)
You have proven yourself a greater asshole than the man above you. With an attitude like that, people may notice if you died tomorrow, but there would probably be some sort of celebration. If what you're aiming for in life is for people on Tickld to know you well enough that if you died tomorrow they would notice, you probably don't have many people in real life who would notice if you died tomorrow.
NetherScorpion +5 karma2 days agoButthurt
lol nowhere did I insinuate that was a "life goal", why do you faggots always assume that A + B = C?
shewitt +3 karma2 days ago
Moar like stelios cuntos amirite
Stelio_Kontos 0 karmaYesterdayYou're God Damn Right
Stelio_Kontos -2 karma2 days agoHead Drum
You are bigoted too? Guess that makes sense, it does fit your personality. You did indeed insinuate that. I know it may be hard for your baby brain to process how you saying "If you died tomorrow, no-one here would notice" (A+B) is equal to "People noticing me on here is something I strive for before I die" (C). Also, you should learn to use comment images, that's pretty much as basic as it gets.
rlj28 +3 karma2 days ago
How do you get off being such a pathetic little faggot cunt? You're the most irritating piece of shit on this site, must be hard being born a thalidomide child though, and having your mother leave you in dumpster cos she couldn't bare to look at the abomination she'd spawned. I think you'd be better off playing on a track train than sitting at laptop trying to irritate others, in a failed attempt to convince yourself that you're not completely worthless.
AddedLol, block fag. The truth stings, doesn't it?
AddedYou're the one who blocked me you retarded cunt, you just posted a comment on my profile. Nice try at not making yourself look like a pathetic retard.
Stelio_Kontos -2 karma2 days agoHead Drum
^This made me lol. Great attempt at not looking exactly like what you just described. Maybe use a little more tact and finesse next time, that way you won't look like a raging neckbeard.
AddedLol you block me and hope I wont notice your Add reply? Nice try baby brain.
AddedTo the guy below, nice try moron, try checking the time of the comment. Think before you speak.
NetherScorpion +2 karma2 days ago
Lol everyone hates you. Get cancer and die you pathetic betacunt.
Stelio_Kontos -1 karmaYesterdayHead Drum
That's right baby, cry more. Your tears are my fuel.
Williamthedefender [m] +2 karma2 days ago
Stelio Kontos, don't be a douche. I know he didn't block you, otherwise he would've just replied. You're one of those blocking douches who make it so people can't reply and rag on them. Obviously he didn't block you since you posted on his profile like a raging faggot. You're a fucking pathetic spazwank who just wants to get some attention because he's used to being a tool and thinks he can use being a tool to get ahead in the world.

Fuck off.
AddedOh, wow, you blocked me too, fuck off you stupid cunt, commenting on my profile too after you blocked me?
Addedand I did check the times cunt.
notfarenough +4 karma2 days agoGold Star (You Tried)
You can still reply to someone after you block them, so if he couldn't reply to you but you can leave a comment on his profile then you blocked him, you pathetic lying cunt.
odbal 0 karma2 days ago
I seriously love your webcomic stylings. Part of me wants to tell you to make your own site, but part of me also really enjoys the Tickld-centric ones that wouldn't really work elsewhere.
AddedNot to say you should make your own site because your stuff doesn't belong here, just that I would totally frequent said hypothetical site.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma2 days ago
Little known fact: this is my site.

odbal 0 karma2 days agoGasp (Kitten)
Oh sweet Jesus!
tehconqueror +1 karma3 days agoWe're Not Worthy
the drawing style may be eye-rape but the humor behind it is worthy of a webcomic of its own.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma3 days ago
Thanks man. Most of my posts ended up downvoted to oblivion until recently, so it's nice to have my grumbling complaints reach a wider audience.
tehconqueror +7 karma4 gift!3 days ago
which is funny cause im fat
REDACTED 0 karma3 days ago
Yo doug. Check this out:
AddedI'm an idiot and thought this was real.
Charlatan [m] 0 karma3 days ago
J-Lo is real.
mgabel +2 karma3 days ago
I've seen a few of your posts lately with the stick people. After the second one I was trying to figure out which web comic it was, because I'd never seen them, there was no source, but I thought they were all pretty funny and thought provoking. I am ashamed to say I JUST realized they were probably made in paint.

After that life-changing epiphany, I went onto your profile and looked at the posts that didn't make it as far. Dude. I love them. Yay for OC and yay for Charlatan. :D
Charlatan [m] +1 karma3 days ago
Thanks, kind person. I use a programme called Gimp to draw them--it's like using a state-of-the-art kitchen to microwave popcorn.
Elephants +6 karma5 gift!4 days ago
Thanks for le karmaz.
Bathory1560 +6 karma5 gift!4 days ago
Thanks for the karmas :)
ShoeAShoe +6 karma5 gift!4 days ago
Thank you for the kamels!
ShoeAShoe +1 karma3 days ago
Thank you again kind sir!
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