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  • What happens when you mess with Brian BEER!!
  • Seriously, I didn't ask you to sneeze.
  • I love this community we have here, it's awesome!
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  • The only mythology you'll ever need to know.
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  • Be careful out there.

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Charlatan 0 karma 5 minutes ago
Probably because it has been said before.
Charlatan +1 karma 9 minutes ago
Nope, never. I just thought it prudent.
Charlatan +3 karma 11 minutes ago
Cacti can't consent, and I refuse to propagate rape culture.
Charlatan +1 karma 19 minutes ago
I changed as a user to avoid getting banned. As rampant as stupidity is on Pic, there is now much more content that I enjoy (and vapid shit like pictures of celebrities being unexceptional almost never makes front page any more).
Charlatan +1 karma 24 minutes ago
How many people in this post do you think are commenting out of offence? What a retarded reply. I wish you had the presence of mind to be ashamed of it.
Charlatan +1 karma 25 minutes ago
The quote probably isn't even real, so it's fairly academic an argument anyway. Look at how it ends: "no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'." If it was a democratic decision to reject Sharia law (substitute that with whatever cultural baggage you like), proponents need to accept it instead of crying persecution. Developed countries such as Australia, the UK, and the US are already very accommodating of minority beliefs (Russia not so much), but I don't think the judicial system should EVER be compromised by ritual or- say- an adherence to millennia-old holy books.
AddedShould add that I mention developed countries because that's where most Ticklrs are commenting from.
Charlatan 0 karma 36 minutes ago
Has anyone asked you to "bow to peer pressure" or to follow suit? In what way is it going too far?
Charlatan +3 karma 53 minutes ago
"Waffle" derives from the Dutch word "wafel"... What in God's name is your point?
Charlatan 0 karma 2 hours ago
It's not going to be a comment image because the quality is terrible. Even if it was clear, it wouldn't scale very well, they've leaned away from harsh responses of late, and... Oh yeah, and they're not really accepting new images at the moment because "something else is in the works." Hope this helps.
Charlatan +4 karma 2 hours ago
It's none of those things and this bitch is a cunt, but it does usually sound awkward and overly clinical in conversation.
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comeonbro +2 karma8 hours ago
I love the widespread confusion created every time a GMO seal post makes the hot page, so thank you for that. Who could've guessed photoshopping a seal's eyes into tomatoes could have such profound and lasting repercussion?
Charlatan [m] +2 karma8 hours ago
May his legacy live on for nine zillion years.
chosimbaaaa +6 karma3 days ago
Heyyy dude. Remember that we were talking on skype and you said that we were best friends? Well if you don't then it doesn't matter because I screen capped the whole conversation. Do you also remember the time you sent me the voice recording telling me you loved me and that no one should downvote my posts ever? Doesn't matter, I saved that too.
Charlatan [m] +7 karma5 gift!2 days ago
That was just the demo version dude. The one I broadcasted on local readio is here:
chosimbaaaa +1 karma2 days ago
You should make an ask post asking if there's any tickleders in your local area to see if anyone actually heard it...
UnnecessaryCheese +3 karma3 days agoFirst Time On Internet
Wow, you must be the coolest guy ever! brb upvoting all your posts
chosimbaaaa +1 karma3 days ago
Yessss! Hot page here I come!
posterr +6 karma5 gift!5 days ago
Thanks for the karma
AddedCheers again char
MetalM1ke -1 karma6 days agoPopcorn
And people say IIIIIIII have fan girls....
Charlatan [m] +1 karma6 days ago
Sexists say that. They're fanpeople, stop oppressing women!
MetalM1ke -1 karma6 days ago
Dammit! fanpeople it is!

ALSO, FYI.. I'm gonna tell her you are a sexy man beast and link her to this old gem
UnnecessaryCheese +4 karma4 days ago
Let me know if you find any polyps up there, bro.
ddplus1 +2 karma15 hours ago
Added(I'm only here to suck up to Sheese)
MetalM1ke -1 karma4 days ago
Right. Cause me not being a cunt to someone automatically means I'm kissing their ass. I forgot that everything must be 1 extreme or the other.
UnnecessaryCheese +4 karma4 days agoPower Cry
Most people, when delivering this kind of (eyeroll-worthy) information to a user, would DM them instead of commenting it on their profile (for the sake of discrepancy for the third party, if nothing else). You, however, have to be seen talking to ~*~TiCkLd CeLeBriTiEs~*~, so you chose to post it to his profile instead. "Guys look, look, I have his voice recording saved, I totes know this guy, haha wow I'm cool."

tl;dr i crie erytiem
AddedDiscretion, I meant to say.
chosimbaaaa +3 karma3 days ago
If I pretend to know Charlatan will people love me too, Cheese? My posts always get downvoted and I want it to stop, it upsets me :'(
UnnecessaryCheese +2 karma3 days ago
Can't hurt to try, cho. Just follow him around wherever he comments and attempt to neg him in threads, and people will totes think "wow, this chosimbaaa guy must be pretty cool if he's talking to Charlatan!"

Works like a charm.
chosimbaaaa +1 karma3 days ago
K, I'll try.
MetalM1ke -1 karma4 days ago
I don't have a voice recording saved. That's from a thread Jill and I re-found last week. I'm on mobile at the moment or I'd link to it. It's in my bookmarks. And I don't care if I was seen talking to Char. I don't give a shit about "Tickld celeb" status. But you are correct. Discrrssion would have been a bit better than how I went about this as a whole. I guess I figured blocking out said users name would remove any problems but, meh. It was just for lulz.
REDACTED +1 karma1 weeks ago
Charlatan [m] +1 karma1 weeks ago
Thank you for this gift.
NetherScorpion +5 karma5 gift!1 weeks ago
Thanks for the karma dude, I'll get on the WoF someday
Charlatan [m] +1 karma1 weeks ago
Why do you try to mislead me? Where's the trust, man?
NetherScorpion +2 karma1 weeks ago
Trust?! Never mind trust, where's my fucking blue text?! Every other popular cunt has it and I'm way more popular than any of yous lot. Picfags have posters of me up on their faggy bedroom walls hoping to be like me one day, but they won't because they were born with the faggot gene.
jordie13 0 karma2 weeks ago
Quick question, I am on neither of the Walls of Fame, but I logged on today and have the option of blue, bold and italic. How does one earn the right to get this? Not complaining, I like having it, but wondering why.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma2 weeks ago
There are now weekly and daily Walls of Fame. Looks like you made the 24-hour upvote WoF.
jordie13 0 karma2 weeks ago
Interesting development. Thank you!
chosimbaaaa +1 karma2 weeks ago
Russel Brand blocked me, lol (he was number 60!) I've got no idea why he was downvoted, maybe he upset some people? I doubt anyone is retarded enough to downvote him for disagreeing with me over such a trivial matter. Well, I'd hope not...
Charlatan [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
It was probably the post which drew most disdain... Which is a bit dorky, since it'll be from regulars who recognise why it's bad, and they're all pro-harmony, supposedly above karma and downvotes. Sixty is fucking magnificent dude, it's probably even higher with no-name wankers blocking you pre-emptively.
chosimbaaaa +1 karma2 weeks ago
I know, considering how many people complain about "downvotes in ask" it seems to be quite a regular occurance... I'd say probably 25% of the blockfags I've never even interacted with, which can be annoying because I'm nice really, I'm just misunderstood :'(
Kazutria +5 karma5 gift!2 weeks agoBubbles
Thanks for the karma!
Kazutria +1 karma2 weeks ago
Why on earth do you give me karma for thanking you? That's the second time you've done that!
Charlatan [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
I encourage it so that my profile gets more comments and people will think I'm popular. I wanna be one of the cool kids.
Kazutria +1 karma2 weeks ago
Aren't you already one of the cool kids?
Charlatan [m] +4 karma5 gift!2 weeks ago
My mum tells me I am.
theclash4 +6 karma5 gift!2 weeks ago
Thanks for the karmalade dude.
NetherScorpion +1 karma2 weeks ago
PROFILE VIRGINITY! Hope you've got protection.
Charlatan [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
Taking the virginity of this comment! FIRST!
eZVanHalen +5 karma5 gift!2 weeks ago
NetherScorpion +1 karma2 weeks ago
If I came to Australia, would you let me sleep on your floor?
Charlatan [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
You could sleep on the couch if you really wanted. But you have to pay your own way by assisting me in committing petty street crime.
joeyclavette +1 karma3 weeks ago
You hardly post anymore. More like Char-latin; because you're lazy like those south of the US.
AddedI honestly just though of Char-Latin and needed an excuse to use the phrase.
Charlatan [m] 0 karma2 weeks ago
I've posted more in recent months than in the last half of 2013. More like... Not Joey.
dazzla727 +6 karma5 gift!3 weeks agoGentleman's Approval
Thank you for the karma
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