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Sex Male
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Ticklr since Before October 2012

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Nobody has an About Me quite like this. Nobody! NOBODY!

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Charlatan -6 karma 48 minutes ago
It'd be a reskin like the last what? 40 games in that franchise.
Charlatan 0 karma 1 hour ago
I think there's something to gain from being unprepared. It'll sharpen your wit, and you might learn something from the other side.
Charlatan +1 karma 3 hours ago
Having a sticky beak and having a squizz both mean to have a look.
Charlatan +9 karma 3 hours ago
Cool joke.
Charlatan 0 karma 3 hours ago
For the most part, yeah. I commented as much on the post itself.
Charlatan +16 karma 3 hours ago
Taylor Swift receives mostly light-hearted jokes about her shit music. Robin Thicke was widely and harshly criticised for it.

Why anyone listens to either of them, I don't know.
Charlatan +3 karma 4 hours ago
That's a stupid belief. I'd rather not be more like Aiden the accommodator.
Charlatan +3 karma 4 hours ago
Nothing. It's private and I'd tell people to fuck off if they went looking through it, but none of it is compromising.
Charlatan 0 karma 4 hours ago
I doubt it. But I don't know the guy. If he's seeking dating advice in the first place then fuck it, he's a lost cause you should leave to his own devices. And if he isn't seeking advice, you should leave him to his own devices.
Charlatan +2 karma 4 hours ago
Make a nonsense pile of rubbish in Paint.
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dazzla727 +6 karma5 gift!1 hour agoThank You
NetherScorpion +2 karma16 hours ago
Charlatan [m] +2 karma16 hours ago
Yeah I was thinking the same thing dude.
NetherScorpion +2 karma16 hours ago
Same wavelength bro. Do you believe in soulmates?
Charlatan [m] +1 karma14 hours ago
As a heterosexual concept, you mean? Only heterosexuals have souls.
NetherScorpion +1 karma12 hours ago
Well I'm not talking about those heathen gays am I?! I had a proper mint gay hunt last night, got a new kill record.
NetherScorpion +2 karma18 hours ago
Are you really 26? If you are I think you're too old for this site.
Charlatan [m] +2 karma17 hours ago
I am, and I am.
lkhall +1 karmaYesterday
Hey, what do you think would happen if you decided to look under there?
Charlatan [m] +1 karmaYesterday
lkhall +1 karmaYesterday
Oh god dammit, Char!
DaMemes +1 karmaYesterday
Whats the last thing you did in which it was obvious that you did not give a single fuck?
AddedDisclaimer, your answer may be used in a post
Charlatan [m] 0 karmaYesterday
On Tickld or off?
HalfAnothersDozen +1 karmaYesterday
Poke. Apparently.
DaMemes +1 karmaYesterday
preferably off, but if some bodacious badassery happened on Tickld then lets hear it
Charlatan [m] +1 karmaYesterday
Didn't see this notification... Off Tickld I recently chased a magpie. Pretty contemptuous, I think.

On Tickld I told someone to freeze their cat, claimed to have stomped on a puppy, and declared that dogs have souls and they all go to hell. I am the enemy of animal kind.
freedomwriter88 +6 karma5 gift!Yesterday
Thanks for the karma!
Normal_person [m] +4 karma2 days ago
Are you ok?
Charlatan [m] +4 karma2 days ago
theLOLINATORreturns 0 karma2 days ago
Hi THanks for the gift karma
Charlatan [m] +7 karma2 days ago
Duncanhoopz +6 karma5 gift!2 days agoThank You
For karmaas man, shame he deleted his post it really was a great tribute lol.
Allyssastrange [m] +1 karma5 days ago
Um, do you love me yet? Just checking.
Charlatan [m] +2 karma5 days ago
Allyssastrange [m] +1 karma3 days ago
I've decided that I no longer want your love. It's not me, it's you.
Charlatan [m] +2 karma3 days ago
That's the attitude.
Allyssastrange [m] +3 karma3 days ago
I'm writing a break up song Taylor Swift style as we speak.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma3 days ago
I look forward to not listening to it.
Allyssastrange [m] +1 karma3 days ago
Well in the mean time I'd like to dedicate this song to you
Allyssastrange [m] +1 karma5 days ago
Awe, you're so cute when you're fibbing.
Searley_Bear +1 karma1 weeks agoEyebrows Zoom
Hey seksi
Charlatan [m] +1 karma1 weeks ago
I ate a crusty kangaroo leg I found floating in a storm drain.
Searley_Bear +2 karma1 weeks ago
Do you have any left? The least you could do is share. I'll trade you for some old soup I found at the back of the fridge during our removal. We just took it and the container to the tip but I'll retrieve it for you.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma1 weeks ago
We should put the leftovers of both into a Chrisco hamper. 'Tis the season.
Searley_Bear +2 karma1 weeks ago
I would but then I would have to go near poor people to deliver it to them, and poor people are disgusting.
Kanzan27 +7 karma5 gift!1 weeks agoGentleman's Approval
THank you for the Karmas young one....
Ihatechotchkies +6 karma5 gift!1 weeks ago
Thanks for the k's. I'm glad my tickld family is sometumes for and sometimes against racism
It makes everything more surprising and fun.
Charlatan [m] +2 karma1 weeks ago
"We're all currently pretending to give a shit because we can empathise with this man as an individual."

I bet it wouldn't make the news if a white man was exonerated!!!!!
MattiasVindevoghel +1 karma2 weeks ago
Gratz with 61111 karma, how long have you been first?
Charlatan [m] +2 karma2 weeks ago
A little over a month now. Maybe six weeks.
ddplus1 +7 karma5 gift!2 weeks ago
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