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  • Chef squid, as requested. Next up: a flying microwave sh*tting on a fridge
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  • In this family, we don't wait.
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  • Long but totally worth it!! :)

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Charlatan +1 karma 33 minutes ago
Yeah, they're pretty liberal with the doritos. Don't know about the dip though man.
Charlatan 0 karma 1 hour ago
There's no test, and newer mods can be a little shaky. What the Tickld Team look for is participation and a familiarity with the community, and screening mod applications is a very big job (there were something like 450 applications near the start of this year--no doubt many more by now). Mistakes happen, but they're easily rectified so long as admins are made aware.
Charlatan +2 karma 1 hour ago
Hot as fuck Chotch you've got here, Herpes.
Charlatan +1 karma 1 hour ago
Charlatan +3 karma 1 hour ago
First of all, the fact that the mod in question removed it as a comic indicates that they're not really sure what constitutes a comic. Only copyrighted webcomics ought to be deleted from Tickld, for reasons I think are fairly obvious. You will be doing EVERYONE a favour (including the usermod) by writing to [email protected] with a quick explanation of what happened and why you think it was an incorrect decision. It was most certainly incorrect.

Because your post came from a film that anybody could screenshot and caption (and it may well have done before), there's always the risk that it could be identified as a repost. Personally I try to avoid removing anything created by users, even if they're not the first to thing of it. (I make exceptions during trends, such as Master of Disguise screenshots popping up over and over in the turtle trend.) It's not always obvious who created the content, though.
Addedto think of it*
Charlatan +3 karma 1 hour ago
What is it today that has compelled people to upload no-effort promotional photos of celebrities? This isn't a repository for stock images of famous people.
Charlatan +7 karma 1 hour ago
I thought it was a planet.
Charlatan +1 karma 2 hours ago
There is no screening process for the people who join. The same sorts of wankers you encounter on facebook or youtube are just as capable of signing up to Tickld. I don't know how this idea ever caught on when Tickld has always had a fairly typical cross-section of Internet users. I mean, the demographics lean towards more educated users than average, but that doesn't mean they're at all friendlier.
Charlatan 0 karma 2 hours ago
I saw it once or twice. Most of them were that fucking shit from Master of Disguise.
Charlatan +1 karma 2 hours ago
Nothing mods can do for the time being either I'm afraid. It's a recurring glitch that usually resolves itself after a while. At that point you should be able to delete it yourself.
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NetherScorpion +2 karma20 hours ago
Charlie, marry me and Kitya, we want to have babies but we're not going to go against the word of the almighty God/baby Jeeshus and I need her to be pure before I stick my netherwang inside her gardening hole.
Charlatan [m] +2 karma20 hours ago
Do you have her father's permission?
NetherScorpion +2 karma20 hours ago
Yes, we went fishing last weekend and had a beer on his boat. I asked him and he said he would be delighted to have me as a son-in-law. Unfortunately, he was killed by a mutant shark-piranha leaping out the water and swallowing him whole. But he is smiling down from heaven now.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma19 hours ago
RI peace. I suppose I could get ordained over the weekend or some shit.
NetherScorpion +2 karma19 hours ago
That's like ages away dude, can you not just get some internet degree for 50 karma?
Charlatan [m] +1 karma19 hours ago
Probably, but you know how the saying goes: "Only cunts rush in."
NetherScorpion +2 karma19 hours ago
Fine, we'll have the ceremony on Saturday.
Thunderbolt37 [m] +6 karma5 gift!YesterdayBro Hug
Thanks for the karma!!
AddedAnd again haha.
NetherScorpion +1 karmaYesterday I listened to this and thought of you because you're from Africa, just wanted to let you know and feel special <3
Charlatan [m] +1 karmaYesterday
zombie_ninja50 +6 karma5 gift!2 days ago
Thanks for the karma man
deadpoetkeats +1 karma2 days ago
I made this, just for you. -
KingOfHere [m] +1 karma3 days ago
OMG we have the same karma number on the 24 hour WoF does this make us cousins?
Charlatan [m] +26 karma25 gift!3 days ago
Yes. Congratulations on becoming related to me.
KingOfHere [m] +1 karma3 days ago
Looking forward to all the fun family barbecues
loaloa 0 karma4 days ago
Hey syphs told me to ask you because you were smart.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma4 days ago

And did he tell you what you should ask me?
loaloa 0 karma4 days ago
Oh yeah im so stupid i forgot to ask you how silly of me i always do this i wish i was smarter like you well ill be waiting for your answer im curious to hear it :))
Charlatan [m] +1 karma4 days ago
loaloa 0 karma4 days ago
Oh my i forgot again, ok here goes he said i was somebody else so i said eerybody is somebody else then i said what is life and he said ask you so what is life?
Mikazaru +2 karma4 days agoF**k This Post
Is this related to one of your posts?
Charlatan [m] +3 karma4 days ago
Mikazaru +2 karma4 days ago
Thought I recognised it alright.
BackFromTheDead +1 karma4 days ago
Charlatan [m] +2 karma4 days ago
*1 praise*
BackFromTheDead +2 karma4 days agoF*ck Yea
rlj28 +3 karma5 days ago
*something about charlatan being cool or something*

Nigger faggot paki shagging fucktard.
alexsherar [m] +4 karma4 days ago
NetherScorpion +12 karma10 gift!5 days ago
Free karma plz
Addedwait no I can do better than that
Addedhello I am suffering from a condition called "being a muslim" plz send karma to halp or plenty of non-halal beef
chosimbaaaa +2 karma6 days ago
You now have 50,000 karmas. You're welcome. Don't get downvoted ever again please, those I just gifted you were very special.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma5 days ago
I'll keep them in a special place. I don't think I'm at risk of being downvoted anyway... People like me.
chosimbaaaa +3 karma5 days ago
I like you and I just downvoted you. Your logic is faulty.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma5 days ago
Something else in the equation is faulty. Hint: it's you. This is why I didn't adopt you.
chosimbaaaa 0 karma5 days ago
Since then someone else had downvoted you. Check. Mate. Mr. Science guy.
maxosh [m] +6 karma5 gift!6 days ago
Those 2 karmas shall go towards the fuck neeekweet fund thank you for your contribution.
NetherScorpion +1 karma1 weeks ago
Ti piacerebbe andare a cena con me, prima di tornare al mio posto e scopare come conigli?
Charlatan [m] +6 karma5 gift!1 weeks ago
No, give me dinner anyway.
NetherScorpion +1 karma1 weeks ago
Vai a farti fottere, testa di merda, usando me come quella.
Charlatan [m] +1 karma1 weeks ago
At least I'm honest.
NetherScorpion +1 karma1 weeks ago
*sigh* Credo che ... Ho solo pensato che davvero mi amassi
AstroMikeDexter [m] +6 karma5 gift!1 weeks ago
Karmic tanks Charlie.
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